Lash out

By on April 30, 2008

 Photo © Elena Derevstova

"It only takes an hour or so and you’ll look and feel like a movie star" 


I found the idea of instant, effortless  glamour  totally alluring. Do I have to sell my  soul I wanted to ask, already thinking I’d agree even if the answer was yes. We’re talking extensions; eye lash  extensions. Unless you’ve been locked up with your millennium party dress you can’t have helped  noticing the profusion of  Lash salons around town. Cast aside those images of hairy falsies hanging on a prayer, the days of the shy flutterer are gone. We’re talking 21st century  lash  technology.


The science

Individual strands of featherweight silk or synthetic hair are attached one by one to natural lashes using a micro-dot of surgical adhesive They are applied to individual eyelashes, one extension at a time to  give a natural looking, fuller lash to bat boldly! One that never requires mascara,  curling or perming.


The  application

Armed with a cutting of the latest supermodel (aim high I always say). I lay down and my lower lids were taped and I saw the tweezers poised and dozed off with visions of Bambi and  A Clockwork Orange. I chose standard black strands to be applied ; black and brown are most popular, but red, blue and purple highlights are also options.  Because these babes stay with you 24/7, I chose to go just a little beyond my natural length thinking that Betty Boo at  the  breakfast table might be to much for everyone to handle.


The result

I burst out of the salon 90 minutes later the new me, soul intact. The painstaking but painless  application left me with extended lashes that felt very real.  I looked at myself in every  possible surface whilst frantically trying to remember list of instructions to keep my lashes in perfect  condition. Cut out the hot yoga and triathlon training (not a big problem) for the first 48 hours; no eye rubbing (sorry hay-fever sufferers) or sleeping face-down; no mascara or eyelash curlers; and no oil-based products (which break down the adhesive).


The repair

The lash extensions can withstand daily makeup, showers, exercise and if you follow the regimen of do`s and don’ts they should last over a month, however even though I stuck  to the rules I  woke up one morning, looked at my pillow and realized that I was a few lashes short of the full brush. Time for the A-team and I went for the touch up treatment that is intended to  replace the odd lost  or shed lash and keep them looking full.


The reality

Everyones got used to seeing the new me including myself  and I  still love them but  I’m taking it easy; friends have reported loosing more than their fair share of natural lashes after the treatment so like everything, moderation is the way to go. If you have a month of busy engagements and want to dazzle or just for the occasional glamour of it and the feel good factor: Lash out!


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