Making magic

By on June 1, 2008

Entertaining children is a serious business for Mr D, who has been enthralling our community for over 30 years. “Orchestrated Pandemonium” is his own inimitable blend of sleight-of -hand magic. A bottomless bag of tricks and gags that delight even the most inquisitive of audiences from the wide-eyed tiny tots to the more demanding pre-teens. Of course a magician never reveals his secrets but Mr D pulled a few golden truths out of the hat for Tokyo Families readers wanting to know the secret to a perfect party.

1. Simplicity: try to keep it simple but busy.

2. Timing: 2 hrs is the usual length of time for a party at home. This allows for an entertainer (I usually perform for 50-60 mins) and for food, cake, and an activity.

3. Hiring an entertainer will save you lost sleep the night before.

4. Keep it small. Manageable numbers (10-20). This will make the birthday child feel special and in control.

5. Patience and more patience!

Mr D points out that the real secret isn’t just in the magic, it’s about making the Party Person feel they are king or queen for the day. “That takes someone special and they don’t just appear out of thin air… or maybe they do!” Mr D smiled.

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