Boogie Wonderland

By on August 3, 2008
Emerging from a club at 3 o’clock in the afternoon on a Saturday doesn’t sound like the behavior of a responsible adult but appearances can be deceiving. These people, and thousands like them around the globe, are a new generation fo clubbers – a walking, talking and in some cases crawling (but not in the way you are thinking) posse that have discovered a new home in clubland: Baby Loves Disco (BLD)-the hottest thing since platforms and jungle gyms.

Toddlers, pre-schoolers, parents and grandparents looking for a change in the playground routine are going back to ‘old school’ and heading for the dance floor. BLD is an afternoon party with revolving glitter balls, DJs spinning ’70s and ’80s tracks and lots more to get you and your baby “grooving on a Sunday (Saturday-check for dates) afternoon.” This is day-clubbing at its best: music levels are family-friendly and the adults can relive their boogie nights during the day whilst the young ones can let it all hang out on the dance floor for the first time.
BLD has been building momentum around the globe from its humble beginnings in a club in Philadelphia in 2004, when a young waitress persuaded her boss to open up daytime for mothers and kids to get on down! The Philly vibe exploded stateside, blowing the cobwebs off the staid playgroup idea. BLD events are now a regular weekend feature in over 30 cities around the globe, serving up a heady mix of formula, milk ad funky vibes in style capitals London, New York and now our very own clubbing mecca, Tokyo.It’s a winning combination: a cool atmosphere, funky sounds and a lot of fun for everyone. Babies from six months to children of seven, make up this group of hipsters but older brothers and sisters can come and chaperone in case things get too lively on the dancefloor. Changing tables, chill out areas and drinks for all ages are on hand, making it a great event for the whole family to strut their stuff.Tokyo’s own BLD is brought to you by the dynamic duo Nana and Marina Kinno. These sisters saw the parental potential of day clubbing and have made it their own. Their events offer live DJs, MTV jam style sessions kids’ entertainers, balloon sculptors, the fabulous ‘posh’ dancers and of course disco music for you and your family to do the hustle to. These girls have got it down!

BLD is much more than just a glorified romp room. These sisters are on a mission to bring together in the community. Under their clubbing manifesto of “cool, culture, communication, curiousity, and change,” mums, dads, and children can make friends, exchange ideas and generally have a good old, hassle-free time and be safe in the knowledge that returning home from Roppongi late in the afternoon won’t get anyone in trouble.

The latest party was the biggest to date. The sisters pulled out all the stops to give Tokyo’s new clubbers the ultimate good time vibe Be warned the door policy is tough. You can leave your spandex and medallions at home but nothing will get you past the bouncers if you forget the kids… it’s a family affair.

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