Sharp cuts

By on August 27, 2008
The new school year is all about looking sharp! Whether it’s having the latest pencils, wearing a new uniform or carrying the coolest bag. Complete the look with a new head of hair.

We asked Teresa Grice, Sin Den’s fabulous new stylist, to make our three young “super students” wow them in the playground.

Armed with a pair of trusty scissors and straightening iron, she set to work on the girls as they took the refined decadence of Sin Den’s salon in their stride and gossiped away.

The Motley Crew!
Photos © Elena Derevstova

The girls enjoying the pampering

Wow! Watch out boys! School is most definitely where it’s at!

1. Zola
Messy and Matte to Glossy Sophistication. Zola says it’s just the way it is. “I’m ready for anything.” The look says it all.

2. Nira

Cutesy Cute to Funky Chic! Nira loved her new look. “I can’t wait to show my friends.”

3. Tiger
Wild & Wavy to Silky Cool. Tiger declined to answer our questions. “Ask my agent!”

TF would like to thank everyone at Sin Den, especially the wickedly, wild Teresa, who is waiting to give you and your crew a sharp new cut.

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