ABC Bilingual International School: “The best of both worlds.”

By on August 28, 2008

TF takes a peek at ABC Bilingual International School

You describe ABC Bilingual International School as a dual immersion program, what does this mean?
Well basically, children learn in a completely Japanese environment for part of the day and in a completely Western environment for part of the day. Children are totally immersed in both Japanese and English language and culture.  We chose this model based on the most current findings in language and bicultural development and the recommended practice that when a child is exposed to multiple languages, each language be presented in a consistent environment. We focus the introduction of new concepts and learning in either English or Japanese depending on the child’s native language abilities and provide multiple opportunities for them to practice and perfect newly acquired skills in their new language, we want them to have the “Best of Both Worlds!”

“The Best of Both Worlds!” is an interesting school motto,  what’s the story behind it?
Carin Smolinski founded ABC International School in 1998 with the goal of ensuring international standards of excellence in Early Childhood Education in Tokyo. When her son was ready for an enriched preschool experience she created a bilingual class at her second school.  She wanted him to have a perfect bilingual, dual-immersion preschool experience that would:
•    Provide the life long benefits of learning a second language;
•    Use “best practice” teaching strategies to assure a solid academic foundation;
•    Guide and shape social development using a proven “positive guidance” approach;
•    Follow a sound curriculum that provided opportunities to grow and learn in all areas of development; and,
•    Guarantee that bright, high-energy, sophisticated children like her son had every opportunity to have fun and experience the joy of learning in a safe, beautiful, engaging environment;
•    Employ the most talented and loving Early Childhood Educators,
ABC Bilingual is the “Best Of Both Worlds” because it provides the advantage of early language and cultural learning experiences without sacrificing the high quality and exacting standards of an ABC International preschool education.

How does this school motto relate to the day to day operation of the school?
We are actively committed to ensuring that all our children experience The Best Of Both Worlds every day! We believe in the best of language immersion, the best of cultural immersion, the best of academic and social learning and the best of fun and friends. We are passionately enthusiastic in our belief in the power of young minds and the potential and benefits that this enriched learning experience affords our children. We believe in finding and investing in the best teachers, creating the best learning environments, vigorously implementing best practices policies, respecting that families know their children best and working with integrity and dedication to give every child the best preschool experience that Tokyo has to offer.
How are children accepted into the school?

We invite families to visit ABC Bilingual and then to fill in an application form. How can families contact you?
Families can call (03) 5442-8009 for a school tour or more information, or they can email us at They can also contact us by following the links to Juban campus at

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