Finding your mindset for the New Year

By on December 25, 2008
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A resolution is a commitment made for a new project or reforming a bad habit to set about on a new lifestyle change. Resolutions last either until they’re fulfilled or abandoned. Because the average resolution spans only a mere 2 weeks, which do you think more commonly happens?!

2008 was a year for the history books. On a great note, history was made with the election of America’s first African-American president. But the rest of the world crumbled. The global stock market meltdown, recessions in numerous countries, major companies went bankrupt, wars, wild fires, floods, earthquakes, terrorism… the list goes on!

As I reflect on 2008 and ponder 2009, I am convicted to say some things that aren’t ‘politically correct’ or the ‘normal’ resolution article mumbo-jumbo.

Reflect for a moment on what you truly represent. What do people think of us based on how we treat people? What are we striving for? What do we want from life, and what’s most important? A good job, being a good person, having a nice family, being a great spouse and parent, and being happy & healthy? If so, are you succeeding? Remember, success is a constantly evolving journey.

We live in a cutthroat society of conquering at any cost or keeping up with the Smiths. Greed caused the global meltdown in the form of swap derivatives and giving ‘bad’ loans, etc.! Let’s call a spade a spade. We are constantly faced with a lot of stressors and challenges to do the right thing. At the end of each day, while we are ‘so busy being busy’, whether trading, training, traveling, hustling, bustling, building empires, taking care of kids and being so busy thinking the world revolves around us, we ignore taking care of our own selves and being thankful for life, health, strength, friends, families and opportunities to share time with people. At the end of the day shouldn’t these be our life’s foundational rocks?

We forget that throughout the history of time, there were bustling civilizations, great leaders, ice ages, a dinosaur age, etc. that all simply faded away. And we will too. So to think we are so integral to this planet is being too proud. It’s what you do with your short time here that matters… and I don’t mean how much time you put in the office. In the overall scope of time, our life is a fleeting moment so let’s make the most of the time we’re given.

According to Chinese medicine, there are seven emotions: joy, fright, worry, sadness, grief, fear, anger. Actions are often based on emotions. Yes we all have our demons we battle, sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. We usually lose when we are governed by emotion, which includes giving up on our resolutions. The key to overcoming is to replace ‘feeling’ with ‘knowing’. This discipline is harder yet ultimately better. I call it ‘impulse control’.

5 strategies to good health, fitness & well-being
-Circadian Rhythms & Adrenal Fatigue       
-Do Functional Exercise
-Use supplementation
-Eat Functional foods
-The right ‘mindset’

A successful resolution begins with the right ‘mindset’. ‘As you think, so shall you be’. Setting your mind that you will accomplish something is applying ‘impulse control’. If you don’t you will find every excuse not to do it. Lay out a game plan and commit to it, no matter what you ‘feel’. And as you improve, your feelings to keep doing it will become more positive. Your first basic plan should be to balance your lifestyle.

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