Long haul comfort the AA way

By on December 25, 2008
Need to get to Los Angeles for some timely business, or are you considering taking your family on a hop across the pond for some well-earned time off? Then why not try American Airlines (AA) latest ‘New Lie Flat Business Class’? It will make your long haul flight infinitely more enjoyable.

In today’s tumultuous economic times it’s nice to know that there are still some things you can count on, and flying comfortably is still one of them. From breezy check-ins to its elegant lounge and the uber-comfy yet highly functional in-flight experience, AA makes crossing the Pacific feel like a quick jaunt, rather then a lengthy voyage.

My Flagship Experience
Now those who fly business class or better on a regular basis both understand and appreciate the function and form of the lounge area. No longer is it just a lavish spot to languish while awaiting the plane ride abroad. It has evolved into an extremely functional and technological area.

Built new from the ground up and opening in January of 2007, AA’s newest Admirals Club can very comfortably seat almost 300 people, who while waiting, may saunter over for a drink or a bite to eat at the complimentary food bar. If business is pressing or if you want to just while away some time, there is both a free Wi-Fi network as well as various computer terminals and work stations peppered around the room. Of course magazines and international newspapers are also readily available, as are reclining seats.

But if your connection or layover is a bit/lot longer, then feel free to refresh yourself with a shower or a snooze, or cut some deals in one of the available meeting rooms, where the likes of Will Smith, Beyonce and Lindsay Lohan have already hung out.

The lounge, open from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM, easily fulfills its purpose – to relax and comfortably prepare you for the next leg of your journey. So, after shuttling to the gate and effortlessly boarding the plane, there it was, seat 13A, my comfort zone for the next 9+ hours. I sipped my complimentary glass of champagne and awaited lift off.

By the Seat of My Pants
Reclined, while not completely flat, 13A did extend to a full 76 inches with 4 pre-set reclining positions as well as five separate motors for more a personally fine tuned, comfort experience. Couple the variety of those settings with the plethora of entertainment choices and AA offers its passengers a very enjoyable combination of possibilities. Movie-buffs, gamers or TV junkies have over 50 choices to peruse and enjoy on-demand, enhanced by using the offered Bose® QuietComfort® 3 Acoustic Noise Canceling® headphones, creating a uniquely entertaining experience.

Or do you need to actually conduct some business, then transform your personal space into a small office-pod, complete with interlocking tray tables for more desk space, internet hook-up, in-seat power-ports and a small desk light.

Too tired to bother with either and just want to sleep the time away? Then unfold your duvet, fluff your pillow, flatten the seat to 171 degrees and snooze away – but don’t miss the food, after all, this is Business Class!

Warm Nuts and All
Services and amenities are synonymous with all class upgrades and this was no exception. With award-winning champagne, wines, liqueurs and libations covering Chablis, Sauvignon, Bordeaux, Shiraz,  Sherry, Umeshu, Sake and Port, there is something delectable for many a discerning pallet. Enjoy the warmed mixed nuts while awaiting your choice of either gourmet western (Roasted Chicken Provencal or Beef Filet with Madeira Sauce) or Japanese (Kobachi, Hassun or Simmered dishes) meals and the equally yummy breakfasts, all selected by The American Airlines Chef’s Conclave, and I can see why people can get used to flying this way.

Why Not?
So in these days of uncertain economies and yo-yoing fuel prices, in the wake of, or perhaps still in the eye of, today’s perfect financial storms, why not treat you and your family to an American Airlines Business Class experience? With AA’s attention to detail, comfort and their One World frequent flyer program which empowers frequent flyers by offering greater rewards and services to over 675 worldwide destinations, what’s stopping you!

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