Gregg International School: “Putting your child first.”

By on December 25, 2008
What kind of learning does Gregg International School represent?
At GREGG International School, “Where Your Child Comes First,” we are grateful for the opportunity to encourage the children to grow and develop in their own way and to their full potential, and aim to provide the quality of education and experience for which the parents can be grateful. We use U.S.-based textbooks and follow an age-specific curriculum in our Preschool (ages 2-3), Kindergarten (ages 4-5) and Elementary (ages 5-12) programs.  Studies encourage growth in comprehension, written expression and public speaking, stimulate acquiring skills and develop a strong connection between study and application.

How does it differ from other international schools in Tokyo?
Our low teacher-student ratio enables us to give personal attention to each child. Warm and friendly faculty and staff make families and children genuinely feel at home and welcomed. All teachers and staff know all our students and parents by names, which is the best security we could offer. Students who feel welcomed and respected as an unique individual will feel comfortable enough to grow to their full potential. Our more than 42 years experience as a school and 22 years as an international school and our alumni are our pride and joy.

How did the idea for the school come about?

Our classes are student-centered and form a solid foundation for children to become contributing members of society, generous in applying their skills and know-how to improve the lives of others. At GREGG International School, in addition to quality academic achievement, our caring faculty and ideal teacher-student ratio encourage the development of well-rounded, well-adjusted, gracious students, in the classroom and on the playground, at home and in society.

What unique advantages do you offer?
At GREGG International School, we respect each child’s needs and encourage genuine cross-cultural exchange in the classroom and on the playground. The international profile of our student body and faculty provides the ideal context for children to share, care, learn about and respect cultures and customs from around the world.

What are the needs of the people who comprise your student body?

Firstly, a home away from home, where children and their families feel welcome and secure. Secondly, a warm and caring environment where each child can grow to his or her fullest potential with confidence and respect for self and others. Finally, personal attention and encouragement which will help each and every child blossom in his or her own way.

How does the environment affect social interaction amongst students?

Jiyugaoka remains a popular place to enjoy cosmopolitan living, with its abundance of greenery, and the stylish boutiques and restaurants that add a homey quality to the neighborhood. Our self-contained campus is surrounded by nature, with a spacious outdoor space for the children to play and feel secure. We take pride in our facilities being as invitingly appealing as the community where we are fortunate to be located.

For more information call 03-3725-8000 and arrange a classroom visit and experience  GREGG International School first hand.

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