A home away from home

By on February 27, 2009

What is PAL International School?

PAL International School is a warm, loving and nurturing pre-school/kindergarten established in 1998. We provide early childhood education in an international setting for all children as well as providing cross-cultural experiences in Tokyo. PAL provides a rich, stimulating, and safe environment where a child can feel comfortable and accepted. 


What are the programs for pre-school and kindergarten?

At PAL, the social, emotional, intellectual, cultural and physical selves are enhanced through hands-on experience during daily activities. We encourage problem solving, experimentation, observation, communication, and listening. We strongly seek to educate the whole child to be a life-long leaner in preparation for the changing world.


How do children relate to the school’s environment and teachers?

Our teachers’ many combined years of working in international schools has resulted in the development of highly successful learning environment. PAL’s curriculum is child-centered. Our individualized programs ensure our students leave this school with the confidence to succeed no matter what future challenges they may face. Depending on student interest, a side project may be undertaken at anytime during the year. Through project based learning, the children more thoroughly understand concepts.


Do you offer any special services or lessons?

We offer a  variety of  fun afternoon classes such as  the Awesome Ants Class. An afternoon pre-school/kindergarten mixed-aged class from 1:30-5:00pm whilst our Afternoon Enrichment Club is a  45-60min class. The content and style changes from semester to semester. This school term, we offer drama, cooking, music and Japanese language/culture. We provide a delicious and nutritious homemade lunch 3 days a week and offer  an extended child care system that is available until 5:00pm.


What sets PAL apart from other pre-schools?

In comparison to surrounding schools in the area, our school offers one of the lowest student teachers ratios, assuring that your child always gets the individual attention that they deserve. One of our parents’ favorite features is our school’s homey feeling in our three-storey house. Children always feel comfortable and relaxed. Our school is like a home away from home. We also strive to maintain a multi-cultural environment. Festivals and traditional activities are integrated into our curriculum to ensure our students have the opportunity to fully experience Japanese culture.


For more information, visit www.pal-school.com

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