Mixed couples Spencer and Sayuri: ” Don’t worry too much about stuff you can’t change.”

By on February 27, 2009

March madness brings out the best in our couples.

This month Spencer and Sayuri join the mix and share their thoughts  about life in their mixed up world.

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How did you meet?

HE: We went to college together and dated off and on for several years after that.

SHE: Yeah, then I told him to put up or pack up. Put that in there for all the girls!

What keeps you together?

HE: You know, we just take one day at a time.

SHE: So long as he behaves himself, we’re good. Lately he’s really been walking the line.

What does your spouse do that bugs you?

HE: My wife here is a one-woman entertainment committee. Nothing against kids, but weekends are like Six Flags around our place.

SHE: He snores, and that’s no secret. Our neighbors are just too polite to say anything. He snores loud. I know he can’t help it…I love him, anyway.

What bugs your spouse about you?

HE: She’s probably got a list. Toenails. Either that, or my snoring.

SHE: Everything bugs him about me, he needs to just get over it. I am perfect, and that’s all there is to it.

What do other couples do wrong?

HE: Don’t worry too much about stuff you can’t change. Take problems as they come.

SHE: Don’t keep quiet. I’ve got all these Japanese girl friends who put up with way too much. If you let it go, and it just gets a lot worse. 

What’s hard about living in Tokyo?

HE: Driving. I got this sweet little car, but on these roads I barely get out of second. Traffic out here is terrible. The language is hard, too.

SHE: Grocery Shopping. Maybe if I learn to read Kanji or something. Sometimes I open up the packages just to make sure what’s inside (don’t tell  anyone) and I wish Sony Plaza had more stuff.

What’s great about living in Tokyo?

HE: It’s Tokyo! One of the greatest cities in the world. We’ve  got everything here.

SHE: He’s got a great job opportunity, here. And it’s a great  place for our kids. Our two girls go to public school back home, but they like more their school here.

How about your children?

HE: That’s another thing; I don’t have to worry about my girls as much in Tokyo. I think they can relax a lot more, here. 

SHE: We’ve  got two beautiful little girls and they can both speak Japanese. You should hear them. They learned more in six months than I ever will. They translate everything for me.

How do you handle child discipline?

HE: That’s not really a problem. We’ve got good girls. Maybe it’s their Japanese school.

SHE: I hand them over to their father. The Enforcer, I call him.

How about food?

HE: I couldn’t be happier, we finally got Burger King. Now if we could just get some good deep-dish Chicago-style pizza.

SHE: I like to eat out when we can, but once you have kids there’s limits to where we can go. We got T.G.I. Friday’s and Outback and that helps a lot.

What interests do you share?

HE: We both like traveling. That’s one of the best things about Japan. There are so many places we can get to easily.

SHE: Yes, we like traveling and our girls do, too. We never used to travel this much back home.

A message to other expats?

HE: Learn the language.

SHE: Living in another country can be tough…look for the good in everything…get out more.

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