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By on February 27, 2009

A glitzy fashion party complete with a runway show at the Ritz-Carlton was the setting when Tokyo’s younger socialites celebrated Christiana De Blank’s 7th birthday. Tokyo Families has the scoop from the front row.


On the occasion of her 7th birthday, Christina de Bank wished for a glamorous fashion bonanza. Inspired by televised fashion shows, her dream was to gather together all of her friends for an exciting day working the catwalk, hair, make-up, goodie-bags and paparazzi included.


The Hosts: General Manager of the Ritz-Carlton, Mr Ricco de Blank, and wife Virginia de Blank.


The Guest-list: 18 kids and their parents. On arrival, the children got the royal model treatment and were ushered into the hair, make-up and styling area, while parents relaxed over afternoon tea.


The Venue: The Park View Room at the Ritz-Carlton. The room was divided in two – one room set the scene for the runway show, while the other served as the backstage area where a team of hair-stylists and make-up artists from the hotel’s in-house beauty salon, Hatsuko Endo, perfected the model’s looks and locks.


The Catwalk Fashion: All clothes featured in the show came from quirky and hip Japanese kids brand Boo Foo Woo (  Some of the highlights included full skirts in folklorish patterns, mini-denim skirts with funky detailing, biker-boots and hippie-esque knitwear in curious colour-combos.


The Look: The young models sported light and cute makeup, including touches of glitter on their eyelids, rosy cheeks and dabs of lip-gloss.
The hair-do du jour among the girls was princess-like ringlets arranged into ponytails and messy buns.


The Front Row: A crowd of proud mums, armed with cameras and encouraging cheers. In front of the catwalk a team of photographers from Ritz-Carlton’s in-house photo studio, Ekubo, snapped away as the kids swirled and posed.


The Food: Finger-foods such as mini-burgers, stuffed mini-croissants and mini-sandwiches. For the more senior guests a buffet of tempting canapés kept post-show hunger-pangs at bay.


The Cake: After a swanky buffet of sweet treats, including macaroons decorated with rose-petals and decadent chocolate cake, guest dug into the birthday cake; a dream of strawberry shortcake-base decorated with colourful chocolate bubbles creating the image of a fantasy world. 


The Goodie Bag: True to fashion show custom, junior guests left with a goodie bag stuffed with candy, colourful accessory and heart-shaped hair-clips. 


The Cost: Priceless !!!

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Photos by Maria Ahlgren & Quynh Anh Trihn Xuan


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