T.Y. Harbor Brewery

By on April 29, 2009
Sitting on a dock with a fabulous water front terrace in Higashi-Shinagawa, T.Y. Harbor Brewery is a restaurant with authentic Western dining and an environment suitable for families, friends or couples. They have “a nice selection of beers and ales,” said owner David Chiddo from New York. They are made regularly so they are also fresh. A casual bar area welcomes you into the entrance followed by a large indoor seating area with an open kitchen and warm candle-light glow. The outdoor terrace lured me over to gaze across the water into the soon to be sun set across the boats and bridge, giving a very Californian feel. The menu has a wide selection of food, mostly of pizza, pasta, salad, seafood and burgers, each with a generous portion size.

A polite, friendly English-speaking waitress brought iced tea, immediately followed by a Caesar Salad to start, with large crunchy croutons and thick slices of real mozzarella cheese and a hint of spice in the dressing. This salad was fresh, crisp and tasty – a combination sure to please a hungry belly. (¥1,000 for half and ¥1,400 for full.) Other T.Y. Harbor classic starters include a shrimp quesadilla with Jack cheese and guacamole and mixed grilled sausages with Creole mustard sauce (¥1,400 each).

For the kids is a plate filled with colour and variety. A creamy custard pudding accompanied by crispy fried shrimp and chicken, chunky creamy potato salad, golden brown fried potato, sweet ketchup rice and a T.Y. Harbor mini burger. (¥1,200) This bountiful selection is sure to please kids and parents.

For those with big appetites, there is a large choice of dinner meals and sandwiches. The T.Y. Harbor burger on a homemade brioche bun comes complete with an avocado in the centre, a large plate of fries and some veggies to top it off. (¥1,600 for 170g and ¥1,900 for 250g). The hamburger is cooked about medium rare so if you like it different you should let the server know when you order. Also available is grilled steak, pork and chicken.

For those with a smaller appetite there are down sized meals to pick from. Try the Louisiana style crab cakes with Remoulade sauce (¥1,400) or if you like fish, there’s a Jumbo shrimp cocktail (¥1,600) and crunchy fried shrimp (¥1,000).

Jazz playing in the background makes the atmosphere even more comfortable while enjoying the scene of the unique patio view. “Our parent company president Mr. Terada spent a lot of time in California and that was the whole impetus behind this restaurant, he wanted to create a little bit of California,” said Chiddo. “We do basic California foods and we do it well. We focus on quality, freshness and a very reasonable price point.”

Take out and catering is not available but valet parking is on evenings and weekends and with request the restaurant may be able to be booked off for special occasion parties.
“There’s no rules here,” said Chiddo. “We’re trying to make it as comfortable and as pleasant for all of our customers so they can come and have a good time, relax, forget all their troubles in Tokyo, have a nice meal with their friends and family and leave here happy.”

Photo © Elena Derevstova
Check out TY Harbor Brewery menu at www.tyharborbrewing.co.jp
2-1-3 Higashi Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Tel. 03-5479-4555
11:30am -3pm (last order 2pm)   Mon-Fri
11:30am – 4pm (last order 3pm)  Sat-Sun
5:30-11pm  (last order 10 pm)   Mon-Sat
5:30-10pm (last order 9 pm)  Sun

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