Fabio’s guide to looking instantly elegant at summer parties

By on May 30, 2009

Photo © Elena Derevstova


One person at a time, Sin Den hair and make-up salon is making its beauty mark on Tokyo.


Each person gets their own, unique look. When it comes to hair, length, texture and shape all play a factor in the style each person will get. 


“Whatever is suitable for the face and hair,” said Italian master beauty expert, Fabio. “Lisa (brunette) has lots of hair, dark and almost one length. We’ll make it as smooth as possible.”


This is a fancier style. 


“It’s more like for a ball-evening look. Something more elegant,” he said. For Natalia’s hair, Fabio made a style that could be worn casually yet pretty. 


“This idea is for a more summery and open look, something for a day time party.”


Fabio has been in the hair business for 17 years, and in Tokyo with Sin Den for three. The diversity of Tokyo keeps him anchored. 


“I like that there’s a lot to share, and lots of ideas.”


The salon attracts about 90 percent Western customers, who appreciate the English-speaking staff.


Diversity is something Fabio likes and is also something the salon achieves. With the help of make-up artist Naomi Saito, Sin Den will leave you looking and feeling fabulous.


Check out www.sinden.com or call 03-3405-4409 for more information.


About Fabio Alfano

Fabio is the owner of Fabio Alfano Hairdressing fabio-alfano.com located in 3-8-39 Nishino Bldg. 4F,
Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo.