FIAT Caff hosts farewell lunch to ISSH mums

By on June 29, 2009

Photos © Elena Derevstova


Going green is the latest global craze. FIAT, the Italian car manufacturer, embodies its home country’s love for both style and practicality with their chic, Earth-friendly rides. 


That lifestyle is ever present at the FIAT Caffé. Nestled in the fashionable Aoyama Itchome, the café-slash-restaurant offers a retreat to modern Italy. The entrance is a small space where cars greet visitors, with FIAT 500 currently doing the honors. Up the flight of stairs, and the first thing to marvel at is the au courant, minimalist interior design predominantly of 2 colors, red and white, similar in tone to the flag of Japan. And of course, there’s the menu of authentic, honest-to-goodness trattoria dishes whose taste and affordability make this a hot spot with many fans of Italian food. If you’re crazy about Italian cuisine and want a relaxing venue where your family can sit in comfy couches while having a meal, this is simply a must-visit. The Fiat Caffé’ is also a good venue for small networking events of 50-100. 


In this trendy setting, a certain fashion icon is reveled. Barbara Millicent Roberts – better known as just Barbie (yes, the doll) – turned fifty this year, and the FIAT Caffé decked itself out in pink and glitter to celebrate. Even the FIAT 500 got a cute makeover, now sporting a shiny magenta coat and Barbie’s name on its plate as the exclusive car stops by Tokyo on its world-round trip. The diva doll herself graced every corner of the café, evoking the past five decades through her ever-changing outfits.


And Barbie’s not the only woman celebrating!


It was a special afternoon for several mums. Since their arrival, these lovely ladies have bonded through active participation with the International School of the Sacred Heart community. The afternoon of June 8th was filled with all smiles from the mothers as they gathered together with Tiziana Alamprese, country manager of FIAT Japan and an ISSH mum, to say goodbye and wish good luck to Nancy, Yvonne, Jaelim and Abbie who will soon be leaving Japan with their families but taking with them plenty of nice memories.

FIAT Caffé

107-0061 Kita Aoyama 1-4-5, Minato-ku, Tokyo

2F Café & Restaurant 11:30am~11pm (Sun/Hol 11:30am~9pm

TEL 03-5771-7662

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