Summer fun for less

By on June 29, 2009

Let’s face it: summer’s not what it used to be. After an exhausting school year, you deserve to enjoy the season. Yet, the world’s in a pickle with money matters, and it surely is affecting Mom, Dad, and therefore, you. Does this mean giving up fun in the sun? Not at all! Following these simple tips, you can put the “recess” in “recession.”



Yes, it’s stating the obvious. However, many favorite past-times require a bit of spending, when there are much cheaper alternatives. Why hit the bowling alley when you can grab a friend for some volleyball or tennis at a nearby park? Or, why not skip both the cinema and the video rentals, and just pop in some DVDs borrowed from your friends?



It’s human nature to desire what you don’t have. But what about what you do have? There should be many things already at your disposal to ensure good times without making extra purchases. Perhaps you have an old video game console that you can spend an afternoon playing with fellow gamers. Maybe you’ve got cook books or a painting set that you and some friends could have some fun at home with. Check out your closets!



Having friends is, of course, a great thing. They’re there to have fun with, to help you through thick and thin, and they know things you don’t. If you’re aching to do something that costs money, first ask your friends if they own the tools or know of a place to do it for free. They could have the CDs you want in your iPod. Maybe their schools have an open gym, pool, or playground for sports. Perhaps their siblings or parents have musical instruments you want to play. Ask around!



And of course, some fun things just require spending. It’s an inevitable fact. But rather than ask your parents for the money, it’ll feel so much better to afford them on your own. There are a few things you can do to get there, too. First off, cut back on buying things you either don’t need or can get later on. Secondly, you could sell some of your stuff that aren’t being used. And finally, ask your neighbors or your parents’ friends if they need a babysitter, dog walker, or just someone to watch their house while they’re away. If you can show your trustworthiness and diligence, you could have some extra cash in your pocket!

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