The new stone age

By on June 29, 2009

Look around the streets of Tokyo and you will see an abundance of gemstone stores offering semiprecious and precious stones. These beautiful colored stones offer the promise of enhancing our lives simply by wearing them close to our skin. The belief that gemstones have special healing powers goes back centuries and is associated especially with the Vedic astrological tradition in India. Practitioners from that tradition claim to offer ways to utilize the power stored in gems to maximize physical and psychological balance and well being. In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in the power of gemstones as a way to find happiness and health.


Gemstones have always been revered for their healing qualities and energy stimulating capacities. According to the Hindu astrologers, the power of gems emanates from the nine planets; these “planets” are said to radiate specific “cosmic colors”. Colors radiated by the each of the nine planets are represented by the colors of particular gemstones and these stones are said to hold certain powers. Yellow sapphire is said to attract wealth and prosperity for example whilst Pearl is good for controlling mood swings. The nine planets and their corresponding gems are: Ruby for the Sun, Pearl for the Moon, Yellow sapphire for Jupiter, Hessonite for Rahu (the ascending node of the Moon), Emerald for Mercury, Diamond for Venus, Cat’s eye for Ketu (the descending node of the Moon), Blue sapphire for Saturn and Coral for Mars.


These nine gemstones are said to empower one with energy and enlightenment. A gem practitioner can prescribe the appropriate stone for your needs. Not every stone  offers the same benefit or remedy for everyone. An expert’s knowledge is needed when selecting the stones but you must also work with your own intuition. The quality of the stone worn is crucial to it’s success; color, texture and pureness all play a part. Semiprecious and precious stones can be used as all are said to be the Earth’s most concentrated form of cosmic force, able to create new dynamic energy around you and within you.


Wearing gemstones can change your attitude towards life, instill positive thinking and a strong will. Some choose to wear gems to promote prosperity, and further careers. More controversial Vedic astrologers have been prescribing a variety of gem combinations for remedies to physical diseases. Combining gems such as Emerald, Moonstone and Yellow Sapphire as a cure for Insomnia, using Red Coral  to help a cold. Emerald, Yellow Sapphire and Blue Sapphire are said to help with blood pressure problems. These healing stones are not intended to replace the medical science but merely act alongside traditional medicine to tap into and enhance the internal energies hidden within our bodies.


It is not only the Vedic astrologers who put credence in gems. In the West, Holistic healers believe gemstones carry different energy waves or vibration qualities. All stones have Bio chemical properties that are said to capture the positive vibrations of the universe and cleanse the negative elements of our system; allowing the wearer of the gemstones to live a happy, healthy and stress free life. The gemstones are prescribed following the date of birth, Zodiac signs, and numerological calculations. 


Whether you believe on a deeper level or you are merely attracted to the natural beauty of the multi colored gemstones; wearing these simple stones offers a form of Wellness. The touch and the feel of the stone, together with the focus it gives to the wearer are all forms of gem power. The next time you see a gemstone store, why not enter and become part of the new Stone age, it could change your life.


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