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By on July 26, 2009

Photo © Elena Derevstova


Hula hoops. The mention of those colorful rings may first evoke images of children of yore at play. But these days, hoops are coming back full circle (sorry!) in a whole new way.


The spotlight is on hooping, or hoop dancing, a unique and playful performance art that has become both a global phenomenon and subculture. And while seeing hoopers in motion is a treat, getting in the act yourself adds a great benefit: A fun physical and aesthetic workout for Mom, Dad, or the kids.


Hooping in itself is a simple concept: Twirling, moving about, and enjoying yourself are all there is to it. However, the effects are quite rewarding. Hooping’s ability to work multiple muscles at once – from the thighs and rear to the abdomen and chest – allows for faster toning up. All the laughing keeps the heart pumping too, which contributes to a lengthy lifespan.


Meanwhile, dieters will be pleased to know that a mere ten-minute workout can help shed up to four hundred calories. That’s rapid weight loss!


Best of all, the heart and mind reap the perks too. Hooping allows for self-expression through free movement, wherein children can be children, and adults can channel their inner kids. Some might even find it meditative, as the mind is cleared when focused on the action. Rhythm and balance are also enhanced. This exercise is fun and feels nothing like one, which makes it easy to stick to.


But how to get into the loop here in Tokyo?


Enter Hooplovers! This Japan-based community of hoopers and fans offers many opportunities to get involved with the art. Offered are extraordinary performances and shows for those wanting to see hoops in motion and aglow with bright LED lights. Kids’ parties are catered to as well, with shows and some fun lessons for the celebrating tykes. 


Hooplovers’ main offering, however, are its one-of-a-kind classes taught by  its founder, the energetic Aussie hoop dance / instructor and preschool teacher, Deanne. Parents and whole families can partake in lessons, learning the ins and outs of hooping while getting in shape and spending quality time together. Meanwhile, the Hooplings program guides kids to explore their capabilities and unleash their creativity with other good-spirited children.


If you’re looking for a fun and effective workout, why not see what the hoopla is all about?


Check their website for the upcoming month’s schedules, class information, and performances.

Tel: Deanne at 080-1198-9224 


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