Vegging out

By on July 26, 2009


The summer heat is as strong as ever, surely building up the appetites of Tokyoites everywhere (particularly the tiny ones’!). It‘s a great season to eat light and fresh, making a vegetarian meal an ideal option.

Whether full-time or part-time, going vegetarian is hugely beneficial. There’s the increased likelihood of fitting into your old jeans, as meatless diets are lower in fat and higher in vegetable proteins. Studies show that a plant-based diet also lengthens lives and reduces the chances of heart diseases, strokes, diabetes, or even cancer. And of course, countless animals would thank you for it, too!

Ah, but where to find vegetarian eateries in Japan? This month, Tokyo Families guides you to the city’s intriguingly wide range of restaurants catering to the veggie crowd that ensure the kids will finally eat their vegetables.


Buona Tubu Tubu is a vegetarian-friendly dining place where you can enjoy organic bread and soup for breakfast, 6 kinds of flavorful organic pastas for lunch and organic wine and veggie meals for dinner. Their millet pannacota is completely non-sugar, and contains no egg or milk.

Families welcome. 

1-17-9 Sekiguchi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0014

Tel: (03) 6457-5045


Mayur is a bar & diner located within walking distance of the famed Tokyo Tower.  Their authentic Indian dishes use selected healthy ingredients. Savor their bountiful and eclectic one coin menu. Take out service is available, and group parties okay. Plus: Pets allowed at the terrace.

1F Kamiyacho Square Bldg, 

1-7-3 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tel: (03) 3568-7053

Fax: (03) 3568-7054


Located in trendy Jiyugaoka is this chic, all-vegan patisserie. Enjoy a variety of sweets, from cakes and mousses to Japanese confectioneries, consisting of solely fresh, organic ingredients. On hand are also vegan course menus. Classes are taught as well (Japanese) for the vegan chef.

1F, 5-26-2 Okusawa, Setagaya, Tokyo

Tel: (03) 6459-5517

Fax: (03) 6459-5518


While not strictly vegetarian, Peter’s menu does contain several meatless dishes for the octo-lacto and pesco crowd. Select a three-, four-, or five-course lunch or dinner, combining seafoods and salads of your choice. The posh interior and breathtaking cityscape of Yurakucho add to the experience. Note: kids over 12 only.

24F, the Peninsula Tokyo, 

1-8-1 Yurakucho, Tokyo

Tel: (03) 6270-2763


Tucked in the serene streets of Minami-Azabu is Izawa. In this comfortable setting, the essence of Japan comes through in its organic, authentically Japanese cuisine. Their dishes consist of fresh vegetables harvested by the restaurant’s owner, Koji Izawa.

3-1-6 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tel: (03) 3445-4045

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