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By on December 29, 2009

With the prolonged economic recession,  more and more financial institutions are opening up to the market by extending attractive housing loan packages at a decent rate of interest.  Never has there been an opportuned time to seize as now to look into building a house or apartment of your own.  But what if selling your home to shop for a new one won’t simply work?  Option B:  renovate!


Why alter your dwelling?


Needs. A family’s need changes with the times. The little baby who used to sleep by your bedside or on a crib in your bedroom may now be of school age and angling for  his/her own study room.  A bachelor who is contemplating having a family in the near future  would certainly need an additional room to grow.   


Investment. Although enhancing one’s living space requires a lot of time, thought and money, the option of tidying up to sell always yields better profits.     


Comfort / Functionality. Taking advantage of a given space to create functionality and arrange orientation to bring about a positive energy is a priceless advantage. According to oriental Feng Shui principles, learning to appreciate and constantly use anything you own enhances your chances of attracting wealth.  One more reason to think about the usability factor of space areas in your home!


Leave it to the professionals but don’t break your wallet.


Renovating is a process that requires the dweller’s time, resources and above all, keen perception of what it is he/she/they want. JS Design and Construction is a boutique-style architect and contractor that delivers projects with the end user in mind. From the initial meeting, concept, design, and visualization (among a few of the process of altering or enhancing your home), JS gives complete attention to detail and will work closely with any client . With a significantly increasing population of mixed marriages in Japan, a new wave of foreign homeowners has likewise multiplied over the years and thus the demand for bilingual contractors to make communication a lot easier. JS Design and Construction has a qualified team of bilingual architects that cater to the foreigner’s demands. Judging from JS’s finished projects in both the US and in Japan, the climate is right to give your plan a go!


This loft-type apartment is located in Minato-ku and designed to take full advantage of a small space by maximizing functionality through built-in cabinets and movable wall panels.  The finishes of the existing apartment shell were left rough and the focus placed on the new elements.


This was one of the kitchen renovation projects JS Design & Construction did in a house in Bunkyo-ku.  Their mission was to convert the kitchen into the center space of the home.  The result:  double height floor to ceiling space creating a well-ventilated appearance, generous windows, and a minimalized look,  with the dishwasher, wall oven, marble kneading board and a heavy-duty vent hood as stars of the home – a truly perfect setting for a serious cook!


This is a house built by a local contractor and designed for a NY client in East Hampton by Michael Lewis Architects where Matthew worked. The house belongs to a single woman, with no immediate family but a large extended family that would often visit. The client wanted a place that she could enjoy alone or with many guests. The result is a master suite and kitchen wing and a formal living room with stairs to the guest bedrooms connected by a glass entry that allows views of the yard from almost anywhere in the house.


Matthew Corsover

Born and raised in New York, NY, Matthew graduated from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. Before coming to Japan, he worked in visual merchandising at FAO Schwarz, and at Leven Betts Studio doing custom homes, apartment renovations and commercial interiors. He was also associated with Realtime Design and Construction, a design/build company that focuses on residential and commercial interiors, and Michael Lewis Architects, a firm specializing in new homes, house additions and residential interiors.


Tomoko Corsover

Born and raised in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Tomoko graduated from Waseda University in 1998 and Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY in 2002. She used to work with Roart, Inc where she was involved in various projects including residential and commercial interiors, multi-story condominiums and mid-rise hotels.      

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