Puppet fun at Kspace

By on May 27, 2010

Kspace celebrates its 10th Anniversary with the launch of Jack and the Beanstalk amazing puppet show!


Kspace has gained an international reputation for taking early years education to a new level.  Kspace has been complimented repeatedly for its excellent academic curriculum and superb five-storey facility but equal credit goes to its fantastic team.  The school’s gifted and long-standing teachers are all wonderful, down-to-earth experts, who have a genuine interest in the care and development of babies, children, and families.  Kspace values the strong sense of community it continues to build and wishes to offer some special Kspace magic to all children this summer.


Something special for summer!

To mark its first decade, Kspace will be putting its most popular theatre production onto the public stage for the first time ever!  Wow your children with an afternoon of original music, beautiful images, and a new twist on a well-loved old tale: Jack and the Beanstalk.  This production is an amalgamation of the many creative talents behind Kspace, including puppeteers, singers, and musicians.  There is even a chance to make your own ‘Jack’ in the interval as a memory of this amazing show.  Come along and share an afternoon with Jack and the Giant as you’ve never seen them before, with fantastic splashes of colour, a magical storyline and a score of catchy, original tunes.  Guaranteed to make kiddies not stop humming!  


Tickets are expected to sell like hot cakes! Please contact Kspace for more information about this delightful puppet show.

• Date: Friday, June 4     • Time: 3:30pm

• Venue: Kspace International School, Shiroganedai. Butterfly Floor.

To make this event both memorable and worthwhile, Kspace is donating fifty per cent of all ticket sales to charity.


Take a tour or complimentary trial class

Over the last ten years hundreds of parents and babies have enjoyed Kspace parent-and-child music classes, and many more children have flourished in the preschool and kindergarten. As the children grew, the school matured too: families asked for continued Kspace guidance with tutorials and specialist support for their children’s journey to elementary education. Now the school goes into the next decade with an expansive range of unique programmes, tried and tested to be the best:


• KSPACE: mum-and-baby music/movement classes (0 to 4 years)

• TSPACE: preschool and kindergarten (14 months to 6 years)

• ASPACE: after-school workshops (music, dance, drama, science, 

   ESL, learning support, and many more!)

• Summer and winter camps

• Weekend workshops


Headmaster David Pallash has a special message for everyone: “Come and spend a fantastic few hours talking about your hopes for your child, see the amazing interior of the school, and meet the friendliest team in town! Participating in a trial class is a great way to learn more about what works best for your family.”




To purchase tickets for the puppet show or contact the school directly.

Call:  (03) 3446-3478 or e-mail  juliet@kspace.to


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