Tokyo Baby Cafe

By on May 27, 2010

Compared to the west, much has been ranted about family restaurants in Tokyo lagging behind in terms of child-friendly facilities.  There are four reasons why.  One: most family restaurants in Tokyo are cramped, there is hardly enough breathing space between the smoking and non-smoking areas that make dining too uncomfortable for parents with small kids.  Two:  most restaurants/cafes do not have specific areas to park buggies.  Three: lavatories where tables are installed for diaper change can be found only in the ladies’ room.  This could be frustrating for dads on a day out with a baby.  And four: most family restaurants do not have baby chairs.  All these considered, dining ends up more stressful, and families would rather dine at home.    

The good news is Tokyo Baby Cafe, a brand-new concept in parent-child dining, has just opened a month ago in the chic area of Omotesando to cater to what Tokyo is seriously lacking in: an exclusive parent and child dining and relaxation space. The place was even recently visited by French celebrity Antoine de Caunes.

Designed by Nendo, the overall interior is in shades of white and pale blue,  with most interior and fixtures like light bulbs, plants, and furnitures deliberately made for small and big people as a symbol of the parent and child relationship.  Tokyo Baby Cafe is a place where  mums, dads, young and older kids can hang out and enjoy a meal or drinks together without the stress that dining in more exclusive areas, more often than not, involves.  Crawling space is also available for toddlers.

A place where the munchkins will feel a sense of belonging, Tokyo Baby Cafe offers lots of activities to keep them as busy as we want them to be.  The café has a well-stocked book corner including picture books and a giant sofa that converts into a playroom stuffed with house toys.  Private rooms, TV monitors, and separate spaces for nursing and changing diapers are all available. Parents can even walk in with strollers anytime.  Caution: only parents with kids are admitted.  Entrance fee is ¥500 per person; ¥250 for additional people.

Meals on the menu are limited and very basic but filling enough.  Original curry plate (¥1,000), Spaghetti Bolognese (¥900), Goya Champuru bowl (Bitter Melon) (¥950),  Tuna Bowl (¥800) are offered for parents and kiddie plates come in only two kinds: kiddie hamburger plate and kiddie curry rice, each for ¥600.   Baby foods are available for 5 to 9-month-old babies (¥300 – ¥500).  Desserts like brownies (¥500), mini parfait (¥500), and cake (¥700) promise to make any tot happy.   Expectant mum-friendly herbal teas (¥600) and coffee (¥500 – ¥600) are also available.

Tokyo Baby Cafe is open from: 11 am-7pm (last order 6pm)

B1F 4-5-12 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001 

Tel: (03) 5474-8281

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