Keeping boredom under control

By on June 28, 2010


Small children hate the routine of having to wake up early to go to school day after day.  Thanks to summer vacation, they can now take it easy and sleep as long as they want, spend more time playing with their favorite toys or games, and indulge in play activities that they otherwise can not do on regular school days.

Taking care of active kids in the summer is almost like a full-time job. We want to make sure that the minute they wake up, their active minds and bodies are kept busy doing positive and fun activities that require movement for the sake of their physical and mental development.  

A bored child is not a pleasing sight to see.  Being glued to the tube or the computer all day long leads children to fall into a sedentary way of life which needs to be kept under moderation.   Take the lead, be creative, take advantage of the summer vacation and keep them amused by following these tips!

[One] Send children to summer camps and let them have a taste of outdoor experience with children from other countries. 

[Two] Throw them a themed party, send out invitations to girls and boys where they get to play princes or princesses, cowboys, or superheroes.

[Three] Sign them up for karate classes and let them learn focus and discipline early.

[Four] Take them to Kidzania, where they can do heavy role-playing, doing jobs that might just interest them.

[Five] Go barbecuing with friends to meet other children and play outdoor activities like badminton, volleyball, soccer, etc. 

[Six] Take them bouldering where they can climb silly with other children on multi-coloured mosaic wall hangings.

[Seven] Take them to an English family karaoke and let them experience the fun of hitting the high notes.

[Eight] Enjoy a family fun day at Sea Paradise in Yokohama,  a place packed with attractions for the whole family where children can see and bond with live sea animals at play.

[Nine] Introduce them to the fun of teamwork play at Twin Park, designed especially for kids to enjoy shooting, jumping, etc.

[Ten] Let them enjoy summer at the biggest water park in Tokyo, the Toshimaen, where they can have a dip on a variety of pools and try fun slides all day. and

Happy summer!

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