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By on July 27, 2010

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What: In a fast-paced city like Tokyo, the days seem to pass by like minutes; and in this day and age, it does seem like kids grow up faster than the blink of an eye. So whether your children are celebrating a birthday or simply quality time with their friends, it’s important to make them more than just a party, but a memory worth revisiting later in life.  But how do you go about planning the perfect party?  With so much on offer in Tokyo, it can be a jumble to figure out the what’s whats, the where’s wheres, and the how’s hows of party-making.  But don’t panic!  Tokyo Families is here with a guide on making your kids’ next party one to remember.  TF covers Alisa’s 6th birthday held at the Oakwood Premier Tokyo Midtown.


Where: Choosing the venue for your kids’ next party is crucial; the right place can make all the difference. There aren’t many places to hold birthday parties in Tokyo but we have rounded up a list of theme party-friendly venues when you’ve got a laid-back gathering with your kids’ friends planned, or when the tykes are opting for a straight-up blowout.



SMASH HITS is a karaoke place with a stage that has a wide mix of songs in English, German, French, Spanish, and other languages.  Set up a singing contest among kids where yours is the star of the show. To book this place for a kids party, the fee is  ¥30,000 for 3 hours, 30 mins set up time, 2 hours for the party, and 30 mins clean-up time.  Age restricted to 7-18.  There are two party time slots to choose from: 12-3 pm and 4-7pm.   ¥10,000 additional charge for every hour extended.  Juice included in the charge. Adults can order alcoholic drinks separately at ¥500 each.  Parents can bring in their food and decorate the place and stage to their liking.  Check availability early.



Hard Rock Cafe (Roppongi) A great venue to have a theme party as rocker kids for only ¥950 per child.  It includes little burger, cream cheese macaroni, little chicken tender, and hamburger/butter rice.  Kids get  an all-you-can-drink deal for drinks such as Cola, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Diet Cola, Oolong tea, and Iced peach tea.  Birthday cakes available on order at approx ¥10,000 depending on the size you need.   Check availability at least 1 week prior to the birthday.  Party plan is for 2 hours.



Make the birthday kid a star prince or princess on his/her special day at MyGym.  MyGym customizes fun activities to suit the birthday kid’s interests from ages 1-13 years. MyGym has more than 100 team games prepared to liven up any birthday party.  Birthday party plan comes in two options:  MyGym Birthday which includes an awesome Space Flight attraction and the My Mo’s Baby recommended for younger kids age 2 years and under, without the Space Flight option. Plan rates vary between members and non-MyGym members where the latter pay slightly higher. Cakes, food snacks, and drinks are options and ordered from caterers.  Prices range from ¥58,000 to ¥100,000 excluding options.  Booked 3 months in advance.



K Space is not only a school; it is also home to many kids’ birthday parties.  If you are thinking of a disco-themed party on a Saturday or Sunday (they don’t rent it out on other days), this is an appropriate venue to stage your Baby Gaga’s event.  They provide children entertainers, party food, and birthday cake. Party space rental at ¥60,000 for 3 hours’ use.



Oakwood Premier Tokyo Midtown Now, if you happen to be lucky residents of the Oakwood Premier Tokyo Midtown,  let Amy the manager know that you want to hold a children’s party and she and her staff will happily spruce up the lounge area complete with glamor foods and decor.   Sorry folks, this is only a privilege for Oakwood Premier Tokyo Midtown residents. 



Roti Roppongi  Tokyo’s finest American brasserie.  Spacious buggy parking space in the terrace and available for kids party.  Ask them for special party plans.


Outback Steakhouse Roppongi Great for Aussie-theme kids’ parties. Good value meals.  Consult them on your upcoming party plans.


How: For parents, the key to throwing a successful, memorable fiesta lies in one factor: being creative. There is no bigger party-pooper than boredom, so keep the festivities jumping with entertainment and themes relevant to your kid’s (and his/her friends’) interests. Is being a princess in your daughter’s future career plans? Then dress her up in a gown worthy of royalty in a princess-themed party. Or is your son an aspiring rock star? Get him on stage and let him rock out to his heart’s content. 



Yoyomarket is an online vendor of mostly Costco products.  If you’re looking for snacks, birthday cakes, party plates and other supplies but no time to drive down to Costco Makuhari,  this is the place to shop by the bulk economically.

Hakuhinkan Toy Park have a wide selection of toys, cool games and prizes for children.  Located in Ginza. Website in Japanese and English.    

Tokyu Hands sells costumes, gift-wrapping paper, birthday effects.

Kiddyland carries specific games and toys that are not available in regular toy stores.  Check them out if you need specific themes.

Toys R Us  sells gender-specific sports gear, toys and games

Foreign Buyer’s Club  is another online vendor known to long-timers in Japan.  Carries most US party supplies.  They are not located in Tokyo but deliver to most areas in Japan.  Allow a few days for delivery.

Kyle’s Good Finds < span>  American home-style baking.  Makes themed cakes that are fun and appeal to a birthday boy or girl.  Surprise them with themes like Ultraman, the Flintstones,  Disney, and more.  Kyle personally delivers the cake to the venue.

Qu’il Fait Bon  makes luxury French pies, cakes and tarts.  Order online but allow some days for delivery.  Visit their stores to buy on the day.

Fujiya  if you’re under a budget and all you want is a basic birthday cake for kids, Fujiya has cakes in the ¥3,000 range.

Baskin Robbins  makes birthday ice cream cakes on order.

Häagen-Dazs  makes rich flavored ice cream cakes on order



GAETANO Company K.K. provides the very best entertainment for special events of all kinds. Their shows include: comedy, magic, music, juggling, balloons, games, magic /circus skill lessons and more! They customize  programs to fit your specific needs, including; event theme, location, and age range of guests. For more information, please visit or contact:


With over ten years of experience, Let’s Party Tokyo entertainers have performed at hundreds of parties and events bringing smiles, laughter and lasting memories to children of all ages.  Amazing balloon sculpting, beautiful face-painting, fun magic, and exciting games are some of the great things you can expect from these experienced entertainers. Visit and check out their wide range of services that match your needs. E-mail  or call 080-3272-5194.


Eli Barshap is a professional Kids magician and a father.  He is warm, has a genuine love for kids, and can liven up any children’s party.  If your kid’s birthday is just around the corner,  book him early as he is highly sought by parents.  Tel: 090-2721-4139.


Mr. D’s magic show caters to any age group from 4.  He has entertained in several children’s parties using funny magic and animal balloons.



Are you having a hard time finding party clothes for children in Japan?  Imported from the US, Angel’s Closet has a wide array of  cute and lovely dresses from anything casual, formal to ultra formal,  complete with accessories.  Whether you are dressing up your kid for a piano recital, wedding, graduation, birthday party, they’ve got it all!  In terms of design and practicality,  Angel’s Closet is the closest deal to  what you can find in the US.  What’s more, it is an online store which makes their prices really affordable!  They deliver to anywhere in Japan. Check it out:

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