Poppins Active Learning School

By on July 27, 2010

There’s a new school on the scene employing a unique approach to education. The Poppins Active Learning School is one promoting children’s "active" and "voluntary" learning.  Though it is not an international school and is taught in Japanese, it does welcome foreign students and utilizes the acclaimed Reggio Emilia method of teaching.


What is Poppins Active Learning School?

Poppins Active Learning School is a school operated by Poppins Corporation in Tokyo Midtown for children 0 – 6 years old.  The curriculum has been developed based on over two decades of "educare" provided by Poppins Corporation, combined with leading educational practices from Europe and the United States.


What is unique about the school’s new Tokyo Midtown branch?

The Active Learning School in Tokyo Midtown has a unique educational approach based on the Multiple Intelligences Theory formulated in Harvard by Howard Gardner, combined with the internationally-acclaimed Reggio Emilia teaching method.  We also provide individually detailed documentation during activities that will be shown and discussed with parents on a monthly basis. Our location is also unique: we are in the heart of Tokyo at Tokyo Midtown Galleria 2F, and I would like to invite everybody to come and visit our wonderful spaces and facilities. 


Tell us about your offered programs and the "Kids’ Life-Saving" class.

We offer a wide range of programs to our students. We have active music, art, language, math, rhythmic classes, and many others. We are also very proud to present the first “Kids’ Life-Saving” program in cooperation with Japan Life-Saving Association.  Whose staff will teach children the value of life and basic life-saving techniques. Life-Savers will also be in charge of our daily Discovery program, during which they will guide children to excursions in the parks just nearby Tokyo Midtown.  For elder children, three or four annual excursions to the seashore are also scheduled.


Do you offer any extracurricular activities?

We offer "program" classes after school and on the weekends, which can be attended by members not enrolled in the school and elementary school students. Poppins Edu School, a kindergarten, elementary, and preparatory school, is also based in our spaces.  Our members can attend different classes within the same day just by moving from one room to another instead of wandering around Tokyo with heavy loads on their shoulders. 


What kind of children do you cater to?

We offer a program which can be customized to every kind of child and is aimed to develop their innate interests and potentialities.  The language in use at our school is Japanese, but we also have international and native English- speaking staff.  So I think we are the perfect option in particular for families with a mixed cultural background for Japanese families that lived overseas and want to maintain an international aspect in their children’s education, and for foreign families who want to provide their children international standard education in Japanese. 


Do you offer daycare or babysitting services?

We do not offer daycare, but we do offer babysitting before school (7:30-9am), during lunch (12-2pm), and after school (5-9pm) to our enrolled students.


Please tell us about the teaching staff.

A key concept of Poppins Active Learning School is that our teachers are leading professionals in their class subjects.  For example, our music and piano classes are held by the internationally-renowned pianist Yukio Yokoyama and his disciple Rena Miyamoto. We offer speech class by Tomoyo Yukino, a TV announcer, and the art program will be under the instruction of two artists with Tokyo Art University PHDs.


This highly professional staff will be always supported by long-experienced Poppins staff to provide the safest possible

environment fot the children.



Poppins Active Learning School

D-0214-2, Tokyo Midtown,  Akasaka 9-7-4,

Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0052

Tel: (03) 5785-2131    Fax: (03) 5785-2351


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