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By on February 1, 2011

Catering to families living around the Setagaya district. We asked Mie Ward, the school director about what’s on offer at their school.


1. What does Keiki mean?

Keiki in Hawaiian means “child(ren)”. Hawaii is very much like a melting pot where several nationalities live in harmony. Keiki is where each child is special, and many from different countries accept the differences amongst one another.


2. Tell us about Keiki Intercultural Preschool

Keiki Intercultural Preschool is a friendly and family-like school where children and families of various backgrounds and nationalities gather to become one. We provide a very stimulating atmosphere to allow them to blossom naturally and individually, guided by our caring and passionate educators. Each child is special and unique, to be treated with dignity and affection; we personalize our care by concentrating on the individual child’s interests through careful observation and communication.


3. What learning programs, activities and benefits to the child are offered at your school?

Keiki offers a Regular School Program starting from 1.5 years old to 6 years old. We offer Early Childhood Programs involving: physical development, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, math, language, music and movement, creative art, science and cooking while guiding and disciplining in a positive light. We encourage our children to be risk-takers and not to be afraid of making mistakes. This process should be meaningful and fun. We provide also guided opportunities so they can feel, touch, taste, and explore with their senses as many experiences as possible. Freeing them to grow and develop in a natural and positive manner. Most importantly, we do not believe in imposing our own beliefs upon them, but allow them to blossom in their own special way. Kindergarten Class follows a British System, where the children use native-level reading and tutoring system. This class focuses more on literacy and numeracy, and each student advances in class at their own pace to allow them to reach their full potential.


Also, Keiki offers Special Programs, which are: After School Program (3~5pm, 5~7pm), Saturday Kids Club (9am~2pm), Drumming Class, Football School, Music and Movement in the afternoon. These are our extra curricular programs. Also during the summer, winter and spring holidays, we offer seasonal programs. In such programs, children can learn, explore, and expand their creativity. We take full advantage of the weather every season, and spend more time on outdoor activities, water play (summer only), neighborhood outings, and field trips.


4. What’s unique about Keiki?

Keiki is where children can feel special in their own way, and they are valued as a unique individual. They will grow naturally to blossom in their own natural way in a positive environment to nurture the progress of each individual child. Keiki is a special place where all educators are passionate about early childhood education. Keiki is the one and only intercultural preschool in Tokyo, where children of various backgrounds accept and learn to expand their cultural, social, verbal communication, and life skills. Keiki is known for various art projects with mixed-age, individual, and class-divided activities. Children are able to learn all the essentials of an early childhood education in a balanced manner. We strongly believe that it is important for children to have their own opinions and be able to express them after leaving Keiki and blossoming into their fullest potential.


5. Who may enroll in the program?

Keiki is happy to enrol children from various backgrounds which believes in the same philosophy. It is important for families and the school to work and communicate together to educate the child(ren). Keiki is more than welcome to accept students and families who share such ideas. Special Programs are of fered to remove Japanese students and families who want to further their education and knowledge of English in a fun and academic manner. We strongly encourage families to come visit our school to feel our friendly, bright and positive atmosphere for your child.


KEIKI Intercultural Preschool

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