Taka and Patric on staying radiation-free in Japan

By on March 4, 2011

TF: What prompted you to buy a Geiger counter?
Patric Spohn: Simply because I know that official data released in the media for the intensity of such an incident cannot be trusted. I was brought up during the Chernobyl accident and I remember my dad was furious about the unreliable information released at that time. I simply wanted to obtain immediate information by purchasing one counter myself.

TF: When, where did you buy it and how much?
Patric Spohn: I ordered my Radex RD1503-DOS online, 48 hours after the Tsunami incident from Sato Shouji Inc. (http://ureruzo.com) but went through a lot of trouble to obtain it. The importer told me first that there were no more units left even though the order has been placed and completed successfully. Then, after many phone calls, Sato Shouji Inc. finally showed mercy and I was able to receive my Russian gadget after 14 days. The same model sells for ¥60,900.

TF: What convenience did it bring to you and your family?
Patric Spohn: Peace of mind when being outdoors at the ocean and in the mountains. It still is crucial to some of my clients who visit my campsite (http://abseiling.me) in the woods of Takasaki.

TF: Would you recommend families to own one? Why?

Patric Spohn: Yes, simply because it makes you feel safe and secure. Safe as in, you can decide where to spend your outdoor activities. Also, a Geiger counter placed in a sealed plastic bag can be used to check radiation levels in drinking water, another major concern.TF: How do most Germans view the current radiation situation in Tokyo?
Patric Spohn: I’m not sure about the details as I personally don’t know many Germans here, but while I’ve seen some leaving, many of them return after some time. Also the German Embassy has returned to Tokyo after temporarily having moved to Osaka. Generally speaking, Germans are very pessimistic when it comes to this topic due to past experiences. We definitely do not trust the information that has been and is being released.

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