Does McDonald’s in Japan contain pink slime?

By on May 4, 2011

Anyone who has heard of pink slime must have been following the news with great concern.  Pink Slime is a term for beef trimmings processed by using ammonia to rule out bacteria-causing illnesses.  These are sourced from connective tissues, intestines, rectal of the cow and used as additive to beef hamburger patties. After the popular TV personality Jamie Oliver went on TV to expose to the public how pink slime is processed and used by the fast food industry and schools in the United States,  parents all over the world were alarmed and raised concerns for the health of their children, including parents in Japan. A group of Japanese opinion bloggers  on the internet have published the result of their fact-finding mission.  According to  the Japanese bloggers,  the management of McDonald’s in Japan has reassured the public that they only use 100% Australian or New Zealand beef and that they comply with the strict regulations enforced in Japan.

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