Kids’ summer activities

By on June 9, 2011
The school year is almost over and your les petits await activities that are fun and enjoyable to welcome the warm bliss of summer. Don’t disappoint them. Go outdoors, foster friendships and keep those minds in shape. After all, they get to be kids only once in a lifetime!

Classes are held every Wed and Fri 5pm, Sat 4pm, Sun 12 noon for super beginner parent-child karate class. The duration of each class is 45 minutes. Lesson fee is ¥10,500 per month, payable when you sign up. Students pay a flat rate whether they miss a class or not. The cost of Karate uniform is also ¥10,500 and is delivered approximately 2 weeks after ordering. Parents are welcome to observe before signing up.Trial lessons are held Saturdays at 4 pm class but reservation is required.For reservations in English, contact Trial class is available only at the Azabu Juban dojo. There are two dojos available, one located in Azabu Juban Meisho Building, B1 Higashi Azabu 3-8-8 Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0044 and the other in Hiroo : Hiroo 1-8-11 B1, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo (basement floor of Lawson).EVERGREEN

When are the camps?

5 day camps 2011
– July 4-8 – Japan Alps Summer Camp
– July 11-15 – Water Wizards Summer Camp
– July 19-22 – Japan Alps Summer Camp (4 day / 3 night program)
– July 25-29 – Water Wizards Summer Camp
– August 15-19 – Japan Alps Summer Camp
– August 22-26 – Water Wizards Summer Camp12 day camps 2011
– July 4-15 – Japan Alps Adventure Camp
– July 19-29 – Japan Alps Adventure Camp (11 day / 10 night program)
– August 15-26 – Japan Alps Adventure CampHow much do they cost?
– 5 day camp: 63,000 yen per child
– 12 day camp: 147,000 yen per childShorter camps
As you can see from the dates above, two of the camps offer a slightly shorter programme and the price is adjusted accordingly.- 4 day camp: 50,000 yen per child
– 11 day camp: 135,000 yen per child

Price does not include travel to/from Hakuba. Our counselor(s) can meet the campers in Shinjuku and drop them off again on request in which case Evergreen purchases reserved tickets and the cost is added to the camp fee. Full details can be found in the Summer Camp Registration form.Evergreen requires a minimum of 6 campers per week-long camp to run these Summer Camps. They will provide final confirmation to those who have registered as soon as  they have 6 confirmed campers for your requested dates. If, in the unlikely case that they do not have 6 confirmed campers a notification will be sent that the camp will not be able to run 2 weeks before the starting date.What ages are OK?
Children between the ages of 8 to 16 are more than welcome to join Evergreen Outdoor’s Summer Camps. Younger and older children are separated for some activities if the situation calls for it.

Established in 1995, provides swimming lesson & training programs in Tokyo in English for kids & adults year-round. Class levels range from absolute beginner with no water confidence to competitive swim training. Kids aged 3 – 6 years learn to swim safe, and practice stroke development and refinement. Older children to aged 18 focus on swim fitness, competitive lessons and team swimming in Team Dolphin. Lessons for adults range from learning to swim, improving swim strength & efficiency, swimming for fitness and stress relief, and advanced swimming for masters/triathletes. Classes are held in Harajuku/Shibuya, Yoyogi & Sendagaya.

Mozza Yamaguchi is a certified lifeguard and swimming teacher with over 20 years of experience. Mozza is a former swimming coach at the Tokyo American Club and British School of Tokyo. He developed a unique and highly effective teaching method by educating students with the properties of water. He is an instructor with a cheerful disposition, patient and always happy to teach. To Mozza, swimming, if not taught to children correctly, can result in phobia. Each student has different fears and needs. During the lesson he focuses on each individual and closely monitors progress. This is the reason why he chooses to take in a very small number of students at a time. He urges parents to encourage their children to learn the sport early and hone their swimming skills by joining a bigger group at the swimming club.

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