Sauteed pork and deep fried tofu

By on June 8, 2011
Tofu or soy bean curd is a widely consumed food in Japan. Although its origin is Chinese, it has become an indispensable part of Japanese cuisine.The two kinds of tofu sold in supermarkets are momen (cotton) which is mostly used for cooking or silk (smooth texture), usually eaten as is. Most supermarkets in Japan sell a deep-fried version that is practical to use in sauteed vegetable recipes or hot pots etc. This recipe is from the original collection of Kazumi Kato who has been kind enough to share with people who love Tofu. Served with rice, this can be a delicious and filling meal to serve to the family for lunch or dinner. Enjoy!


(Serves 4)

4 thick blocks of deep-fried Tofu (deep-fried available in some supermarkets)
Thin slices of pork, 200g
1 pc. Ginseng
2 stalks of celery
2 slices ginger
2 cloves of garlic
Chicken broth, 400cc
Salt and pepper
2 tbsps cooking sake
2 tbsps chestnut powder
100 cc Water
Sesame oil, small drops
2 tbsps. Vegetable oil

- Slice ginger and garlic into small pieces, ginseng into very thin slices. Slice celery diagonally into bite size pieces.

- Dice each block of deep-friend tofu into 6 parts. Cut pork thinly or buy already sliced ones. Put oil in frying pan and set stove on high. Saute garlic and ginger.  Add celery.

- Then add pork slices stirring occasionally. Pour chicken broth and allow to simmer.

- Add salt, chestnut powder and stir until sauce thickens. Turn off heat and add sesame oil immediately after. Garnish with celery leaves as desired.

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