Autumn season hair tips

By on November 2, 2011
Photo © Elena Derevtsova
Like falling leaves in Autumn,  people too go through a hair loss season every year, between the end of August and November.  While shedding hair doesn’t last more than 4 to 6 weeks under normal conditions, the very thought of losing hair is enough to cause stress, affecting the morale. The best advice I can give for hair loss in autumn is avoid to create or be a part of a stressful situation.  If falling hair persists longer than normal, it would be best to consult and seek the help of a professional hairdresser who knows what products to use and how to treat your hair/scalp condition with care.

Everyday, people experience unprotected exposure to harmful UV rays and damaging effects of the sun’s heat.   A diet rich in oils, enzymes and vitamin E, are extremely ideal nutrients to boost the health of weak hair follicles.  Get a good professional hair treatment from a hairdresser. There is no need to use too much shampoo and rinse each time as it dries up the scalp.  Don’t leave the conditioner or mask on hair for too long and always remember to rinse with cool water.   Use only professional powerful hairdryers and a good brush recommended by the hairdresser.

Keeping up with the latest fashion in hair cut and color is not always the best way to look beautiful. Instead, choose what is suitable for you! Begin with an easy maintenance to avoid “hair stress” like a nice layered haircut or a length above the shoulder to achieve great body for people with fine hair or for long heavy hair type. Having hair is one of the best things that ever happened to men and women.

Fabio Alfano, Director Sinden
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