Buying boots for children

By on December 1, 2011
Photo © Elena Derevtsova
One of the most daunting task for mums is finding the right size of shoes for growing children.  Deformed toes are usually the result of buying shoes on impulse without giving much thought to the right fitting.

Now that winter holiday is near, it is timely to give valuable tips to parents on how to find the right size of boots for children.  Children’s feet are still developing and this is why buying them boots that give lasting comfort and support for their delicate feet is important.

1. Boots should have a snug fit but with enough room for feet to breath.  Guide their foot into the foot.   A good size should go on quite naturally, zips easily and fits securely.  

2. A child should be able to stand and put their full weight on both boots comfortably. Check that there’s enough room to put your fingers on to the sides.

3. The widest part of the foot — that’s from the joint to the little toe across the joint of the big toe should be on the widest part of the boot.  Apply gentle pressure to feel along the sides to make sure there aren’t any toes sticking out.  Now rub your thumb across on top of the boot.  You should feel the fabric or leather move.  If it does not, that means the boot is not wide enough.  But if you can push them to a ridge, then it means that it is too wide.

4. Let the child walk with the shoes and make sure the boots don’t slide or trip.

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