Does your hairstyle agree with your face shape?

By on December 1, 2011
Knowing your face shape can help you to understand which haircut and style flatter your features best, giving you every reason to feel more comfortable about your look.  What’s your face shape?

    •    wide forehead and narrow chin
    •    prominent cheekbones
    •    face gracefully rounded to a narrow oval chin

What is the best haircut or  hairstyle for oval shape face?
This is a very flexible face shape that would look good with any hair cut.  I chose Brazilian fashion model and goodwill Ambassador for the UN Environment Programme Giselle Bundchen as example because we have seen her at her best in many different looks.   Framing the face with a short hair cut that adds volume is always ideal for oval types. I would cover the forhead with fringe (bangs)  at eyebrows level.

    •    The main characteristic for this face shape is more or less similar to the oval type with the distance from left to right cheek a bit wider.

What is the most flattering hair cut and style for heart shape types?
Softening up the face is the main key to a flattering look. I would not go for a regular fringe bangs across the forehead but rather a side swept fringe would look better! Styling in a side loop or chignon is a good idea for an easy night out!

    •    Wide forehead
    •    Wide, round jawline
How would you cut and style a round face type?
A too round face needs a geometric haircut with fringes just above the eyebrows. I suggest round types to stick to a long layered haircut highlighted with a soft gradation around the face line.  Some may fancy a high pony tail style which is good but with a few hair strands hanging around the hair line to narrow down the face width.

    •    Square forehead, cheekbones and jawline have more or less the same width
    •    Square well defined jaw line is the most obvious point

How would you cut and style a square face type?
A classic gradation above the shoulder and a hint of wispy fringe is ideal to soften the face line.  Go for curls, square types!

Either simply doing a sharp pony tail with a soft quiff like the pompadours of the ‘50s or going for a big bouncy chignon like JLO could really be chic for a night out.

    •    long forehead
    •    cheekbones and jaw line are just about the same width
    •    prominent chin with an elongated appearance

What hair cut and style would you advise Oblong types?
This face shape can have an elegant appearance most of the time.   Very often, I would suggest heavy fringe(bangs) with long layers and length maintained at best. Stay away from shorts haircuts. For a glam updo look?

Modern French twist with a wide volume on the crown area.

The most important is not what we wear but how we wear it!!!

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