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By on December 1, 2011
Photo © Elena Derevtsova
Are 1-2 year old kids too young to go to preschool?   

Some parents  struggle with a decision thinking that pushing their children towards a structured learning environment at such an early age might take away their freedom.
While this remains to be a highly debatable issue, statistics show that parents from big cities  are more likely to go with the idea of introducing their children to early socialization.   

Tokyo is not new to this. A few months ago, Gregg International School in Jiyugaoka district has  introduced  its Duckling Class  to welcome children, ages 1-2 years old for fun and learning.   There are various courses for children to enjoy, learn and have fun with other kids  ranging from a full day, half day, 5,  3, and even 2-day programs.

A typical fun day at the school starts at 9:00 am with outdoor play, followed by snack and book reading time.   From 10:30 onwards, the tiny tots are introduced to Music, Arts, Language and Phonics for a duration of 30 enjoyable minutes.  Activities that follow include circle time, craft activity that guarantees loads of fun while keeping those little hands busy.   The Duckling program includes a  Show and Tell time where most toddlers are each given their  turn to talk about their toy in front of the teacher and other children.  It hones their ability to listen and respect each other.

Storytelling is not a long lost art at Gregg’s Duckling class.  It is a well preserved activity where a child as early as 1 and 2 create vivid images as their attention is captured by a story teller.  

No playtime is complete without  having the tiny tots take their lunch at 12:30 and the day wraps up with more play, outdoors, story and rest time.  To inquire about the Duckling class and other learning programs at Gregg International School, visit

Gregg International School (GIS)  has been around for 20 years offering English based courses to children from age 1 to 12.

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