Holistic interior design

By on December 1, 2011
What is Holistic Interior Design?  
Holistic Interior Design focuses on the relationship between people and the buildings in which they live and work. Winston Churchill once said, “We shape our buildings – then our buildings shape us.”
Holistic Interior Design aims to achieve a balance between people and the environment. It takes into consideration the effects buildings have on people and nature and works with sustainable materials, color & natural themes to create healthy living and working spaces. Traditional Interior Design fashions aesthetically pleasing spaces, while Holistic Interior Design emphasizes the importance of creating interiors that are in harmony with the individuals who use them.
Holistic Interior Design is not a trend – it’s a paradigm shift.
Building materials such as insulation, paint, and sealants contain hundreds of pollutants. Indoor air can be up to five times more contaminated than outdoor air.  Designing interiors with the environment in mind can greatly improve our wellbeing.
The 6 Month Casa Cure Course
Have you ever noticed how powerful the ‘vibe’ in a room can be?
The energy in a space can either support or distract; it can make you feel comfortable or awkward, welcome or uneasy. It is therefore important to create rooms that gives a sense of comfort and joy. Maxwell Gillingham Ryan, interior design guru and founder of the acclaimed Apartment Therapy theory, says ‘Despite, the fact that our homes are our only refuge, the only place that we call our own most of us are not happy with the places we live in, and we do not recognize the strong effect they have on our daily lives. When you get your house in order, other parts of your life just start to flow.’
Over the next six months,  I will offer the Casa Cure Course to readers of Tokyo Families to show you how to create a home you love and adore, a home that supports your needs.  I will teach you about holistic interior design methods, while at the same time provide you with design solutions and timeless choices for your home. The Casa Cure is more than a superficial makeover. If you follow the steps, it will have a lasting impact and can have a profound effect on how you feel .  The process involves:

Assessing the ‘health’ of your homes;
Creating a vision for your dream space;
Bringing art into your home;
Using color and light correctly;
Storage, de-cluttering and letting go of items you don’t need;
Purchasing ‘real deal’ furniture (it’s worth it!);
Celebrating your new space

Liezel Strauss is the Art and Design Consultant at BottegaTokyo.   Bottega takes a caring and sensitive approach towards design to ensure its creative endeavors reflect its physical, emotional and spiritual connections with our environment. BottegaTokyo’s passion and overall goal is to create soulful, functional spaces that speak to the aesthetic and needs of an individual, family, or business.  Made up of a  team of art and interior consultants, they provide innovative and sustainable design solutions for residential properties and small commercial spaces in Tokyo and the Yokohama area.

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