Kids’ Hair: Do’s and don’ts

By on January 31, 2012
As parents we want our kids to look good.  Looking good of course all starts with the hair. For some kids, a trip to a hair salon is doable but for others, it might require some arm wrestling.
We do not want to freak them out especially on their very first experience when they meet the hairdresser aka “the man with the scissors”.  Is it really a good idea to introduce the kids to the mom`s or dad’s hair salon or a new salon?  At least one time before having the hair done,  try letting the stylist bond with your child first to erase any unwanted fear.

Introducing new things to kids require their understanding as to why we want them to care about their hair .  It is good to explain early the benefits of good grooming.

is a keyword when we do kids’ hair because they have to feel very free and comfortable.  Most of them can not tell if they like a cut /style or not but dealing with kids require sensitivity.  Any wrong move can cause their mood to go down or feel unhappy leaving the grown ups guessing!

When kids are older, they dislike how they used to look in old pictures or videos.  Going for a natural, all-season hairdo that requires no more than an easy maintenance works.

I usually do not go for a too short haircut for kids. Children have small necks and so they look better framed. Justin Bieber’s main request was to let boys keep their hair longish which is nice but I would say not too much like the “Beatles”.   Keeping a nice texture is advised or go for a short crop cut without using hair clipper that gives a masculine look!  Both can be styled with Wella’s Refined Texture. For girls, a classic bob is always cute but if we do not want to sacrifice the length needed for ponytails, buns, and twists, long layers works!  Bangs also gives an up-to-date look in young girls cut and can reduce styling time at rush hours in the morning. Denman`s Cushion brush should be used al least in the morning and before bedtime to avoid hair tangles and to keep texture silky with Wella’s Exquisite Gloss.

Stock up

Get off to a good start by using no-tears shampoos, gently distributing it with your finger tips just on the scalp.  It’s ideal for adults too.  To avoid tangled hair, it is recommended to refrain from using lots of shampoo.  Kids hair is still developing and is therefore more sensitive to chemicals that may stress hair. Little girls love hair accessories but make sure they are not bad for hair. The use of too thin rubber bands may break the hair. Keep hair loose most of the time and use alice bands if you have to.

Child Hair grooming is fun. Make it an enjoyable experience.

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