The beauty of Russia

By on January 31, 2012
There is plenty to admire about Russia. With the nation’s long and rich history, language, and major contributions over the centuries to the fields of  arts and literature,  the Russian culture came to be among the most prevalent in the world today.

These cultural aspects are what unify the Russian community, which in Tokyo alone boasts a population of over 10,000. “The community is filled with smart and interesting individuals,” says Elena Koreeda, executive director for E.K. Linguadar, a multilingual Russian extracurricular school and cultural center in Tokyo. “We want to share the beauty of Russian music, theatre, film, and literature to the world.”

The school does its part in showcasing the arts of Russia, organizing the annual Russian Culture and Music Festival, a celebration of friendship and performances by prominent Russian musicians rendering some of the nation’s most revered pieces.

Last year’s festival held at the Yamaha Ginza Hall in late October, presented a stellar lineup of performers that included famed cellist Leonid Gulchin and star trumpeteer Alexei Tokarev with the next installment slated to be held this spring.

E.K. Linguadar has actively been promoting the Russian language and culture since its establishment in 2006. The school caters to both children and adults from all nationalities and backgrounds, unified either by a connection to Russia or an interest in it.

For children, the school provides a safe and fun environment in which to immerse themselves in the spectacle of Russia, as well as to develop Russian speaking and reading skills through interaction with both students and teachers, music, visual and performing arts, film screenings, and basic academic subjects such as math and history taught as part of  the language course.

Students at the school come from the USA, all parts of Europe and Japan and share in the school’s advocacy of multilingualism in children. “It is also necessary for children to learn English, as it is currently the international language,” professes Koreeda. “It is important for our students to grasp both Russian, English, as well as their native tongue [if the former two languages are not].”
Young students at Linguadar also benefit from the class structure, which allows for seamless transition into Russian schools or universities later on.

Linguadar offers a teaching method tailored to the specific needs of an adult student learning the Russian language. The teaching staff takes into consideration the student’s objective when making a lesson plan.  A person interested in pursuing medicine in Russia, for example, would obtain more medical terms; while a person contemplating on a future sightseeing tour may learn more practical, travel-related phrases.

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