Got a European money to donate?

By on April 2, 2012
Old European currencies estimated to be worth two billion euros consisting of coins and notes worldwide are still in circulation or sitting in a piggy bank. After a beach holiday in Mallorca, a family vacation in Paris or a business trip in Switzerland, a lot of families must still be keeping old pesetas, francs or Deutsch marks at home.  If that sounds like you,, a worldwide service dealing in the exchange of your european money can help you turn it into cash or donate them to UNICEF for a good cause. Kurt Schügerl, CEO of KPD-Medien Consult and licensee of, explains the advantages of the uncomplicated service: “We offer the fastest and safest possibility to exchange former currencies. Especially if you have a lot of different currencies at home, this is a unique service to help you convert your old notes and coins into today’s money or to donate them.”It takes only three simple steps: collect old notes and coins, apply for a free return envelope on the webpage of EuroMoney24 ( and send them. The exchanged money can be transferred to your account or you can donate it to UNICEF or different aid organization of your choice.  In the latter case EuroMoney24 even pays the processing fees.Anna Wilhelm, responsible for corporate fundraising at UNICEF which became Euromoney’s partner and supporter says “Together we can reach our goal for no child has to die from a preventable cause”. To assure the public of maximum transparency, receipts of the money donated in one month are published on  On the webpage,  users can find additional tips on where to search for old money, find out about the current value of the money and read details about the process of  was founded in 2008 in Vienna, Austria. is the only service provider worldwide that exchanges or donates notes and coins of former European currencies for its customers. is an official UNICEF-Partner.

To know more about this, contact  Mag. Frederick Kokot, Felsgasse 9, 1110 Wien+43-650-6123889



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