By on May 1, 2012
In the world of children’s education, one cannot deny the importance of the arts. Nurturing creativity and bolstering independent thought while being incredibly fun, both the performing and visual arts have come to be fundamental in a child’s development.
This is the stance taken by JoliArts, a new school dedicated to keeping the arts for children alive, located conveniently in the Shinohashi shopping street of Shirokane.

Founded by Janica Southwick Sims, a mother and renowned NHK television personality, world-class violinist Paul Florea, internationally recognized dancer and award-winning shodo calligrapher Mai Nakanishi, noted multi-instrumentalist Moreno Bussoletti, and Japanese pianist Hiroko Tanimoto, JoliArts is run entirely by a team of volunteering performing artists, all of whom are accomplished professionals in fields spanning from music and dance to theatre and painting. The school was founded with the goal of giving children an opportunity to master a performing art, and now provides students with the chance to learn directly from internationally-acclaimed musicians and artists.
The classes on offer feature a plethora of activities that are both enjoyable and educational. Aspiring musical prodigies can pick up or further their skills at the school’s many music classes: violin, piano, accordion, and babies’ music, each instructed by noted musicians and conductors.

Meanwhile, the more theatrically inclined can take one baby step towards movie-stardom in acting classes, at the hands of professional actors.

Dancers can also bask in the spotlight as they learn a variety of moves: from the more popular dance styles, to the more traditional Japanese ones, such as Buyo. The shodo calligraphy and Chinese language lessons also complement kids with worldly interests.
And what about the adults? Don’t feel left out! JoliArts also caters to parents and teens, with the aforementioned classes geared specifically at the older crowd. The grown-up dance classes in particular cover a wider range of genres, from latin dances to pilates. Serious musicians may hone their skills at the more advanced music classes, taught by Mr. Florea and Mr. Bussoletti.

There are also more classes underway: JoliArts is expecting to add more instruments to their music repertory.

The lessons are conducted primarily in English, which gives international children a chance to immerse themselves in an English-speaking environment wherein their linguistic skills can flourish alongside their artistic talents; while anglophone kids can feel right at home.

And because JoliArts is volunteer-run, classes are extremely affordable with most classes at only ¥1,000 per lesson, accommodating families of all income levels.

Do you have a budding Beethoven, Da Vinci, or Meryl Streep in
your family? Let JoliArts bring out their talents!

3-10-9 Shirokane, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tel: (03) 6277-0278
Mob: 080-3556-7446

Calling all talented Tokyo teachers!
Are you a Tokyo-based actor, dancer, musician, or artist eager to impart your skills and knowledge with artistically-inclined students? As JoliArts expands its list of classes, they are seeking new volunteers to be a part of the magic, and share their talents with the international community – whether it be in guitar or photography; painting or languages. Japanese speakers are also welcome. To apply, contact

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