Celi: a new family-friendly hangout in Ebisu

By on July 1, 2012
The Ebisu experience reaches new heights with the opening of the hip and stylish CELI: a cafe and restaurant with distinctly French roots; yet providing a uniquely international dining experience.Named after Madam CELINE, famed designer of the CELINE fashion brand, the sophisticated yet casual CELI offers a relaxed, open air environment that is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, rendering it a perfect candidate for a regular hangout spot. The venue is also very child-friendly: it comes replete with baby seats for infants and toddlers until three years old, and children can munch on their dinners with kid-specific utensils. The family-friendly atmosphere makes it a popular afternoon stop for mommies for and a welcome alternative to Japanese family restaurants.  Coffee is prepared by skilled baristas whose job it is to please all kinds of customers, even those who take organic coffee, with or without soy.

The menu is adorned with superb dishes and sweets skillfully prepared by Executive Chef Toshima, Chef Kano, and their team. On hand is also a delectable and eclectic selection of pastries from Chef de Patisserie Chris Garaud, which spans from European treats to brunch staples at the finest North American hotels.And for a world-class list of dishes, it’s all easy on the pocket: the exquisite Nihon Wagyu Roast Beef plate is a mere thousand yen for lunch – and a heavier dinner / weekend brunch variation is ¥1,500.

Families coming in on the weekend will delight in the Brunch Plate or the Daisen Tori Roast (Roast Chicken); while early birds will enjoy the Assorted Breakfast.

And for Mom and Dad, CELI’s wine and champagne array is carefully picked to present a diverse range of the best flavors from around the world. Served are two Canadian wines from Heavenly Vines – both of which are extremely rare in Japan. French wines are a given, with the best selection from Vranken; and champagne from Heidsieck Monopole, the same kind served on the Titanic, and to first-class passengers on British Airways and Air France.

If you seek a chic and comfortable international dining experience, CELI beckons.CELI
(No smoking. Pets welcome!)
1-13-6 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
TEL: (03) 3446-3030

Sample drink menu
*Espresso            (small) ¥80 / (double)   ¥300
*Coffee/Cafe Macchiato    ¥300
*Cafe Latte/Cappuccino    ¥400
*Ice coffee           ¥300
*Tea                    ¥300
*Wines                (bottle) ¥3,000-¥4,000 / (glass)  ¥500-¥600
*Champagne        (Demoiselle) ¥6,000/bottle / ¥800/glass
(Monopole) ¥1,500/bottle

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