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By on July 1, 2012
When expatriate families arrive in a predominantly non-English speaking environment like Japan, the adjustment from what once was an independent life in a familiar environment to a completely new scenario requires time.  And help.

The whole process from learning a new language, navigating a new culture to cultivating new friendships… added to the usual parenting duties and  running the household smoothly can all be daunting.

As an ex-relocation specialist and a mother herself, Louise Ikeda has had experience dealing with similar concerns by expat families newly relocated to Japan.  Some expat housewives admit to missing Japanese lessons or a trip to the gym just because they could not find someone trustworthy to look after the kids. She notes with concern that when these foreign families do not get outside help when they need one, frustration builds up. Compared to other big cities, Tokyo still pales in comparison to the quality and number of child minding agencies qualified to satisfy the needs of  the foreign community.  Japan is one of the safest place to be in if you know how to go out and about.  

For newcomers though, there are challenges. First, there is a language problem, second, there are trust concerns. That said, Ikeda, together with an Early Child Learning expert as a partner, launched a highly professionalized babysitting service called Supersitters. The woman behind Supersitters Tokyo is the successful director of Summerhill International School, Monique Keller, who says, "Supersitters is ably equipped to offer parents the convenience of sitters on long-term contract that can perform professional services tailored to the needs of the family in a more engaged manner without the added fees that other Nanny services charge."

Additionally, Supersitters also does  on-call babysitting services for one time events, which can be scheduled any time even on short notice, a welcome relief for most parents who need occasional help. The sitting service prides itself in being able to match a suitable person from a pool of 30 experienced sitters. While all have successfully passed stringent screening, are reliable and experienced homemakers themselves, they undergo continuous training to further get them up to speed and boost their job skills.
What’s unique with Supersitters is the ability of its nannies to help out with children’s homework, something no other agency in town does. In living up to its name, the Supersitters meet regularly for positive reinforcement workshops, ensuring that they perfect their craft  from nursing, etiquette, to emergency response. Any nanny in contract with Supersitters Tokyo also commits to high standards of behaviour and guidelines assuring its customers of superior service. But what if, for some reason, the sitter dispatched to your home turns out to be not who you wanted? No need to fret.  Supersitters Tokyo will gladly replace the sitter upon request 24/7. So, the next time  you need a nanny at short notice, who are you gonna call?

SUPERSITTERS Tokyo is managed by Louise Ikeda and may be reached at  or Tel. 090-3570-5808 / 03-3453-0822.
3F Azabu House, 2-13-8 Moto Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0046

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