Scoop of the month!

By on July 31, 2012
Are you looking for some cold fix to beat the summer heat? Here’s our scoop of the month!1. Fruit Gelato by Cold Stone Creamery
The Cold Stone Creamery star of the season consists of 3 fruity flavors: Blood Orange and Mango  (Sicilian Blood Orange and Tropical Mango)  Three Berries (Raspberry, Cranberry, and Strawberry), and Grapefruit and Peach mix. Like It size ¥480,  Love It size ¥600, Gotta Have It size  ¥900

2. Thirty One World Record by Baskin Robins
Ready for a color burst? Refreshing multi-color studs of pop-rock candy in orange, yellow, blue, green and red will put a smile on everyone’s face. The Thirty One World Record flavor is a sorbet of soda and kiwi fruit .  Available until the end of September.  And by the way, Baskin offers a 31% discount on double cones and double cups day every 31st of the month. ¥ 320 (single reg. scoop)

Tokyu Plaza Shibuya 1st Floor, Dogenzaka 1-2-2, Shibuya-ku
Ebisu Garden Place Tower B1F Promenade Ebisu 4-20-7, Shibuya-ku
Decks Tokyo Beach Island Mall 3rd Floor Daiba 1-6-1, Minato-ku
Tokyo Tower Bldg. 2nd Floor, Shiba Koen 4-2-8
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3. Ginza Premium Ice by Ginza Sembikiya
Available online, this high-end gourmet Japanese ice cream comes in an eco-friendly pack in 5 rich flavors: Custard Vanilla, Peach, Muscat, Tochiotome (strawberry), and Blueberry Cheese is Japan’s equivalent of Godiva brand.  A luxurious ice cream made from high grade Hokkaido milk and high quality fruits. ¥4,720.

4. Creamy Mint by Haagen Dazs
This is not your classic chocolate mint ice cream!  Haagen Dazs’  new summer flavor is Creamy Mint,  a simple melange of pure rich  white cream and a hint of refreshing peppermint prepared in Haagen Dazs style.   Available as a mini cup in convenience stores and big supermarkets.   ¥284

5. Premium Italian Gelato by Sweets Kiss Online store
While most ice cream contains a minimum of 10% fat, gelato has a lower cream-to-milk ratio, making it a much healthier choice.  If you have frequent cravings for Italian gourmet gelato, stock up on irresistible flavors like Black Caramel with Almonds (¥5,880/4 liters), Pistachio (¥8,330/4 liters), and Berry Berry Tart (¥5,330/4 liters).

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6. Umayaki Sando  by Glico
The ice cream sandwich is Japanese ice cream maker Glico’s latest creation in two new flavors:  Dark Chocolate and Creamy Cheese. Dark Chocolate tastes like the classic cookies and cream, only less sweeter. Creamy Cheese is a mix of subtle saltiness and sweetness. ¥126 at most supermarkets.

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