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By on August 30, 2012
National Azabu Supermarket Returns
After a 10-month long break, the new National Azabu supermarket in Hiroo that all families miss is finally back in business with the same system and newer facilities. The old building was torn down and rebuilt from scratch creating more shopping space. Its manager, Mr. Nakamura says “apart from the makeover and the made-to-order curtain that has now been discontinued, its foreign customers have been enjoying over the years like the valet parking, delivery, dog waiting corner, hair salon, ice cream corner will not change.”  Customers will now enjoy a roast chicken corner, gluten-free pasta and deboned natural chicken which they have recently added in time for the re-opening.  Busy shoppers may place orders by phone.  If an order comes to more than ¥10,000 in total, National Azabu will deliver your goods door to door for free, provided you are within the area they cover.

Shangri-la Hotel’s Piacere: Restaurant Receives The Best of Award of Excellence
The Best of Award of Excellence is a second-tier award of three levels given as special recognition to restaurants all over the world.  Japan currently has nine recipient restaurants, Piacere included.  Piacere received the recognition of the 2012 Restaurant Wine List Awards from Wine Spectator, the reputable wine magazine.  The criteria is based on wine list accuracy, food compatibility, and selection of rare vintage wines from the world’s first class wine-producing regions.

Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Appoints New Manager
Anthony Costa is the newly appointed General Manager of Mandarin Oriental Tokyo to succeed Christian Hassing from September 3, 2012. Mr Costa began his career with Mandarin Oriental as Resident Manager of Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong in January 2007. He has been General Manager of The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong since June 2007.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Come to Japan
Good news!  People addicted to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups no longer need to order abroad to enjoy them.  Walmart’s Japan arm, Seiyu GK has started selling them  under a one-year distribution contract with Hershey Co. Except for one preservative that is not allowed in Japan, the Reese for export would be similar to the ones sold at Walmart stores in the UK,  South America and South Africa.

Meet the Snap Supercandy family
Snap Tablet (fruit), Snap Gum (citrus), Snap Caramel (chocolate covered caramels), and Snap Gummy and Bean (multi-berry) have arrived in Japan.   They bring something cooler than supplements, healthier than candy.  Each pack is au naturel without artificial coloring and flavors. It contains vitamins B3, B5, and E, a good proportion of electrolytes, calcium and phosphorous for balance. Without trans fat and high fructose corn syrup, these candies are super light. Snap is the official “Supercandy” of the US Ski, Free Ski, and Snowboard Association (USSA). ¥299 per pack (tax included) Tokyo families is giving away a trial pack to the first five readers.  Email us your name, age and mailing address at

Available online through Oshman’s (Shinjuku, Harajuku, Futakotamagawa and Tokyu Hands Be (Omotesando).  Distributed in Japan by AG River International Co., Ltd.

Decline in Japan’s Supermarket Sales Continues
Supermarket sales in Japan in July marked a year after year decline for the 5th straight month. The  Chain Stores Association of Japan reports nationwide store sales totaled US$ 13 billion, 5 percent lower than the previous year.   The declining sales was attributed by the association to the first half of the month’s colder than usual weather affecting the demand for cold beverages and  food, including summer clothing.  With the increase in power rate and the consumption tax hike decided,  households are expected to spend money conservatively.

Tokyo Bees
Tokyo Bees launches The Helen O’Grady Academy, the largest provider of affordable creative arts program in the world for kids.  It has an international curriculum developed over 30 years and used in 26 countries around the globe that covers all aspects of drama in education with lessons focussed on developing vital life survival skills from confidence building, language and communication to effective social interaction.  To know more how your child can benefit, check out their presentation and workshop on September 10, 2012 (Monday) 10:15am – 12 noon at Arisu no mori, Minami Azabu

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