A daytrip to Olinas Mall

By on September 28, 2012
Much has been said about Tokyo’s sharp contrast between modernity and tradition.
One example is Sumida ward’s largest urban shopping arcade, Olinas located in a typical traditional downtown area in east Tokyo called Kinshicho.  While Kinshicho is not an area that comes to mind when thinking of shopping with children because of its reputation for night club strips, the Olinas complex is surprisingly a child-friendly place for mommy-and-me daytrips.Olinas is a self contained megamall complete with ofces, cinema, apartments, shopping arcade, and is only a 3-5 minute leisurely stroll  from Kinshicho station.  Most toilets are clean, freshly deodorized and most importantly, equipped with nappy changing facilities.For starters, it has a variety of children’s clothes, toys, hobby and specialty stores. One sports shop carries an impressive supply of hard-to- nd tennis racket and sports ball brands. Small children can play multi-colored push carts designed with images of Doraemon, Pikachu, Thomas, Winnie the Pooh, Ampaman, and many others.  A variety of reasonably priced restaurants/cafes on the third, fourth and basement oors serve Japanese, Italian, and Chinese cuisines including a McDonald’s, crepe, donuts and ice cream corners on the food court.  Check it out.


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