Planning a children’s Halloween party

By on September 28, 2012
Why not?  It’s a once-a-year event that kids look forward to.  Here are some things to keep in mind:  

1. Keep your party plans simple.  You will have less to prepare, less to worry about and less stress.

2.Consider how long the party will be and its size

– Holding the party at home,  2 – 2 ½  hours is reasonable. It will go smoother if you keep the number of children to around 12-15(maybe even fewer for parties for children under 4). If you plan a longer or larger party, be sure to have enough space, activities and helpers. Keep some ideas for a back-up activity/game just in case your first idea doesn’t work out.  

– Holding the party at a venue Now, you can have larger & longer parties of up to 20 children and more. But more than 20 becomes a mob so good planning, organization & supervision are very important. Venues for the larger parties can be in a rented room at a culture center, day care center, private club, restaurant, school or in a party/meeting room at a mansion apartment. A sound system with microphone and someone dedicated to watch and prepare it are necessary.

3. Consider their ages. The younger ones find it difficult to follow organized games and can be a distraction to the older kids (and the adults trying to set up a game). You might not want to include under five-year-olds at parties for older children. It’s a good idea to hold separate parties, one for under five’s and one for the older children.  Or in a large enough room, separate the children to play age-appropriate activities.

4. Plan activities/games/crafts that you know well. Many common party games can be modified to a Halloween theme. For example:

a. Pin the tail on the donkey can be Pin the Nose / Hat on the Witch, Pin the Tail on the Black Cat, Pin the Smile / Frown on the Pumpkin
b. The letters spelling B-I-N-G-O can be changed to: B-R-O-O-M or W-I-T-C-H   

c. Duck Duck Goose can be Boo Boo Ghost or Meow Meow Cat

d. Dancing Statues can be Dancing Monsters & Princesses

e. Musical chairs can be done with Halloween music

f. How about a Halloween themed Piñata? Use the pull-string type for the younger than six-year-olds.

5. Hiring a pro entertainer (juggler, character actor, balloon sculpture artist, magician) is an investment that will fill time and add a fun and atmosphere.

6. Food. Finger foods & Eat and Run foods like cut fruit, crackers, cup cakes, pizza, Jell-O, cookies and bite-size sandwiches cut into Halloween theme shapes. are a good idea. Keep in mind that some children have allergies (nuts, wheat, dairy, eggs). Nuts can also be a choking hazard at a party where children are free to run around (also hard candies).

7. Decoration ideas: pumpkins, spider webs, streamers and garlands in autumn  colors (orange, yellow, brown, black), themed street signs (No Broom Parking, Broom Tow Away Zone, CAUTION: Monster Crossing, Slippery when slimed by     ghosts, etc…), pictures & cut-outs of: black cats, ghosts, skeletons, tomb stones,    witches, spiders…

8. Music Suggestions:  
Abracadabra – Sugar Ray / Addams Family Theme / Black Magic Woman – Santana / Ghostbusters – Ray Parker, Jr. / Monster Mash / Munsters Theme / Thriller-Michael Jackson / People Are Strange – The Doors / Purple People Eater / Werewolves of London – Warren Zevon / Witchy Woman – The Eagles / Zombie Stomp – Ozzy Osbourne

9. Sources of party supplies:
Tokyu Hands Shibuya, National Azabu Supermarket in Hiroo 2nd floor,,  

10. Oh, and did I say plan enough time at the end for the costume parade?

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