Lights galore at Nabana no Sato

By on December 3, 2012
Tokyo’s official messenger signaling the start of winter is expressed through stunning displays of festive illumination all around the city,  each competing for crowd attention.

Nabana no Sato, a botanical garden in Kuwana, Nagashima Resort,  has started a  light theme attraction prepared to awe visitors with an impressive number of Japan-engineered symphony of lights.   Nature being the theme of this year’s winter event, expect a gadzillion of LED lights spread over the vast park  superbly engineered to buoy the spirit up through the many wonders of nature from a tunnel-full of lights, Mount Fuji at dawn, a rainbow in the sky and many more.The Nagashima Resort is an ideal family escape where you can stay for the holidays.  It has family-friendly amenities like a huge outdoor spa, amusement park, flower garden and a luxury brand outlet mall reminiscent of New Orleans streetscape.   The resort is located in Kuwana city of Mie Prefecture.  To get there, take a one-hour and 40-min Nozomi bullet train (shinkansen) ride to Nagoya, then  transfer to Kintentsu railway for 20 minutes until Kuwana station.  The resort is a 15-minute taxi ride.

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