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By on January 2, 2013
Is 3D exposure bad?
The increasing frequency of 3D TV commercials as well as 3D games has caused parents to worry about its potential harm to children’s health due to prolonged viewing hours. In an interview by Children’s Express, a nonprofit organization for youth development,  professors at the Kitasato University School’s faculty of Health and Science, Osaka University and an NHK researcher commented that Liquid Crystal Shutter Glasses or LCS glasses is the root cause of fatigue. Battery-powered glasses blink at a rate of 60-120 times per second blocking the right eye’s view while presenting the image for the left eye and vice versa.  3D glasses used at cinemas are equally tiring because of its polarizing effect.  The experts advice people to exercise restraint by distancing themselves 3 times farther from a screen display or simply taking a 30-minute break in between viewings.

Foreign-Japanese marriages waning
According to the official statistics of Japan, the number of foreigners married to Japanese continues to decline over the years.  In 2005, the total number of marriages between foreigners and Japanese was 33,115. The number decreased by more than 10,252 in 2010.  Inspite of the overall downward trend, the statistics reveal that the number of marriages between an American wife and Japanese husband is increasing while that of a Japanese wife and American husband continues to decline.

The Embassy of Italy in Japan has a new Ambassador
His Excellency Domenico Giorgi was appointed as head of the Italian mission to Japan late last year.  The new Italian ambassador was previously the head of the Italian mission in Afghanistan.  Recently, he awarded Alberto Zaccheroni, Japan’s national men’s soccer team coach the Order of the Star of Italy for forging friendly relations between Italy and Japan.
Mr. Tim Hitchens is Her Britannic Majesty’s embassy’s newly appointed ambassador to Japan

This is the second posting to Japan for the UK ambassador, having been posted here fi rst from 1985 to 1989. Mr. Hitchen’s father was also the UK’s naval attache in Tokyo from 1977 to 1999.

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