By on February 3, 2013
Did you know that germs can stay on your kid’s clothes for many hours?   And it can transmit an illness to the rest of the people in the house. Japanese daycares are generally sanitized and less likely to be a cause for alarm but it pays to stay on the safe side.  When you pick up you child from daycare, give their hands a quick squirt of hand sanitizer you can buy locally.  One of the more popular allergy-tested brands you can buy at drugstores in Japan is “muze” hand gel. It’s called (pronounced show-doe-ku han-do je-ru).  Remind them the importance of always washing their hands before snack time and after play.  But daycare’s not the only place where the kids can get infected.  Watch for lingering germs in these areas as well.Most contaminated, from most to least:
1.    Money
2.    Doorknobs
3.    Computer keyboard, mouse
4.    Toys
5.    Sink faucets
6.    Pencils, crayons, erasers
7.    School bags
8.    Shoes and socks
9.    Drinking fountain toggles in parks
10.  Sinks and countertops
11.  TV remote controls
12.  Stray cats, dogs

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