School of rock: the American Guitar Academy

By on February 3, 2013
The arts have always been an integral component in children’s education. Music, in particular, is a great medium through which students can create, experiment, and express themselves. Moreover, studies show that picking up a musical instrument and playing regularly can enhance coordination, creativity, self-esteem, help with maths and sciences, and, in ensembles, sharpen communication and teamwork skills.And in an era where rock stars and bands reign supreme, it’s no surprise that the guitar is among the most popular instruments to take up!The American Guitar Academy is one of Tokyo’s leading schools for guitar instruction to set aspiring musicians on their way.Located in serene Sendagi, the Academy provides guitar lessons of the highest caliber to students of all ages and skill levels. The curriculum is designed to guide guitarists to progress in the genre of their choice, with the lessons customized to suit each student’s preference, needs, and goals – from learning to play along to pop songs for fun or training for music school auditions.

Lessons are given in private or group class settings. In private classes, the student can receive a more personalized training, having the complete and sole focus of the teacher. The lessons can then progress at the student’s speed. The Academy’s group classes – which are a very popular option – comprises of two to four students sharing the same lesson plan and learning experience with one another. Lessons are offered in English, but instruction can also be given in Japanese, Spanish, French, and German.

If you’re aching to play some music with others, the Academy also has a Guitar Ensemble, which allows students to perform and work together. The ensemble covers a wide variety of genres – from rock and blues to classical and bossa nova – and aids students in developing an ear for music and communicating with other musicians.

Thinking of putting together a family act? The school caters to everybody, regardless of age, with a student roster ranging from 4 to 71 years old; making it perfect for kids to spend quality time jamming with siblings – or even with Mom and/or Dad!

The classes are taught by some of the finest and most skilled instructors in the business. “What sets us apart [from other schools] is that we have a passion for teaching,” says American Guitar Academy’s director Michael Kaplan of the highly experienced and international faculty, many of whom have Master’s and PhD degrees in Guitar. “We love what we do and feel very lucky to be able to share our enthusiasm for music with the community, and ensure that students learn properly.”

The Academy also offers bass and ukulele classes, should being a multi-instrumentalist be in the cards for you!

If you want to unleash the guitar virtuoso in you, look no further than the American Guitar Academy!

The American Guitar Academy
3-50-12, #101 Sendagi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 080-4667-8242
Free trial lessons are also offered.

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