Okonomiyaki (grilled just the way you like it)

By on July 5, 2013

Okonomiyaki, arguably one of the most delicious Japanese dishes originating from Kansai or Hiroshima, is what most foreigners call the local version of an omelette or a pizza but grilled in pancake-like fashion. Dubbed by the locals as “Osaka’s soul food”, it is a simple and easy dish to prepare. Essentially, okonomiyaki is a melange of cabbage, scallions and seafood or meat seasoned with mayonnaise or okonomiyaki sauce. But like all other foods you will find in Japan, it is commonly eaten as a group. Most children in Japan find the dish appetizing and when all the flavours come together, they hardly notice that it’s mostly veggies. The key to making your children like it is in the details and presentation. Try this.

You will need: deep bowl, strainer, ladle, round skillet, 2 wide steel spatulas (preferably 5 inches long, 3-4 inches girth)

Ingredients (4 servings)
200 grams tempura flour
200 cc water
50 cc milk
500 grams cabbage, finely chopped
50 grams chopped scallions
100 grams fresh small shrimps
100 grams fresh diced squid
bonito flakes or “katsuobushi”
okonomiyaki sauce
chopped parsley
vegetable oil

1. Mix flour, water, egg and milk in a deep bowl and blend well until lumps disappear.
2. Cover the bowl in Saran Wrap and allow the batter to thicken by keeping it in the refrigerator for approximately three hours.

Cabbage and Seafood
1. Wash cabbage very well. Use strainer to cut water. Let it sit to dry. Putting moist cabbage in the batter creates lumps. You want your cabbage dry for batter to be smooth.
2. Chop cabbage finely. Set aside.
3. 50 grams of cabbage for use as bed. Put the rest of the cabbage and batter altogether. Stir.
4. Heat skillet to medium. Brush the skillet with oil. Saute 50 grams of cabbage until cooked and distribute into 4 plates. Set aside.
5. Brush skillet with oil. Using a ladle, pour batter gently onto the skillet.
6. Put shrimp, squid and scallions on top. Add a little batter. Using two wide spatulas, flip to cook the other side.
7. Top with okonomiyaki sauce, bonito flakes, parsley and mayonnaise in that order and you’re set! Serve immediately. Itadakimasu!

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