Pre and post natal pains

By on July 5, 2013

Headaches, back, neck, muscles, and shoulder pain? Well, that’s all a part of the nine-month stretch. During late pregnancy, the breasts and uterus get bigger, abdominal muscles grow and nerves are strained with the movement and growth of the baby inside the womb. The extra weight you are carrying changes your center of gravity, pulling your pelvis forward and causes your joints to become unstable. As a result, your overall posture changes and body aches continue even after child birth. If your body is aching for some good treatment, below are some options offered in Japan. Decide which form of therapy suits you best.

Acupressure massage “Shiatsu”
Japan’s answer to a good rub is a “maternity shiatsu (acupressure) technique” before and after child delivery. A trained shiatsu therapist knows where a pregnant woman’s sore spots are likely to be and may be able to provide a certain degree of relief. She will know which pressure points to treat but it’s important to tell her where exactly you need attention.

Although there is no scientific evidence to prove the efficacy of shiatsu, practitioners believe that it calms down stressed nerves, improves blood circulation that flows to the fetus, and treat all other issues like nausea and depression.

Where to get a pre- and post-natal shiatsu massage:

Your Shiatsu Center
(Ginza) Ginza 3-10-7, 8F, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Tel.
Tel 03-3547-6036
(Kawaguchi, Saitama pref.) Honmachi 4-5-8, 105 Kawaguchi House 1F Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama (Japanese page only)

(Hiroo) Body Room FIONA
Hiroo 1-15-16, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tel 03-3449-4170 (Japanese page only)

(Yotsuya, Shinjuku) Ren Massage
Yotsuya Sanhaitsu #209, 4-6-1 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo (with English page)

(Shinagawa, Minato, Setagaya, Meguro and Ota wards)
Caretime Alm

Does home visits to above areas only (Japanese page only)

(Meguro) Cure Palms
Does home visits
Chuo-machi 1-2, Meguro-ku, Tokyo Tel.
Tel 03-5723-8608 (Japanese page only)

(Chiba) Hamada Byoin
Midoridai 4-13-18, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba-ken
Tel 047-169-8305

Chiropractic Care
Chiropractic has worked for a lot of women before and after the pregnancy term. The body changes occurring during pregnancy such as curving back, pelvic and posture changes affect not only the mother but the unborn baby. Moms who have received chiropractic treatment during and after pregnancy saw a great overall improvement in toning down nausea, back, neck and joint pains. Shortened labor time and preventing a Caesarean operation are the most cited reasons by Japanese moms for seeking said care.

Where to go for Chiropractic care:

(Azabu Juban) Manomedica (with English and French pages)

(Mejiro) Mejiro Family Chiropractic (with English page)

(Omotesando) Tokyo Chiropractic (with English page)

Physical Rehabilitation Therapy
Some mothers suffer pelvic and lower back pains for so long after giving birth. Women who undergo a Caesarean operation are most susceptible to serious tissue scarring. If left alone to heal, there can be life altering effects. Physiotherapists therefore recommend that mothers receive timely and appropriate treatment before and after delivery.

(Hiroo) Tokyo Physio
(offers natal exercise classes and pilates) (English page)

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